Album Review: Tooms – The Orb Offers Massive Signals (Cursed Monk Records)

Tooms hail from Limerick City, Ireland, and in their own words “are the world’s first Slippery Metal band.”

The Irish progressive sludge outfit will be releasing their album ‘The Orb Offers Massive Signals’ via Cursed Monk Records on July 15th 2020.

A truly deplorable intro with Lamentations, Tooms welcome us to their unique sludgy sound properly with Mantra at Dawn. Although the subtle and slow start doesn’t immediately make you think sludge at all. Hold on though because with a crash of instruments, the tone is darkened and Tooms reveal more of their hand bit by bit and it’s a royal flush.

The monotonous drone, the rumbling heaviness and throaty spoken word/pained scream vocals makes such an impression.

That exceptional start is followed by a bunch of striking, heavy and weird numbers. Megalobong, Zipperface and Stampede with the following ‘Oumuamua being a coy and mellow intermission. Each track capable of melting faces through the sheer power while also having a welcome level of melodrama to them.

Forget that sensational sound though when it comes to the eye-watering thump and growls of One Ton Soup. A filthy beast that rises out of the depths to drag any and all down with it in the Krokodil Den. There, the savagery takes on a faster and more frantic style of noise for a sensory overload.

Such a pair of outstanding tracks, Atilla the Pun was always going to have a hard time following them. Although the thrashier riffs and grind-like vocal barbs certainly work hard at it. All before the finale epic that is Retrograde / Ode To An Orb pushes the limits of what Tooms are capable of. Weird is one thing but this track is a myriad and maddening mesh of everything we’ve heard before distilled through instruments that the band are in complete control of.


Tooms – The Orb Offers Massive Signals Full Track Listing:

1. Lamentations
2. Mantra at Dawn
3. Megalobong
4. Zipperface
5. Stampede
6. ‘Oumuamua
7. One Ton Soup
8. Krokodil Den
9. Atilla the Pun
10. Retrograde / Ode To An Orb




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Tooms - The Orb Offers Massive Signals (Cursed Monk Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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