Album Review: DeathOrchestra – Symphony of Death (Self Released)

After many long hours and painstaking work, DeathOrchestra – a collaboration by Russian Death Metal band Buicide and the Olympic Symphony Orchestra – are proud to present the upcoming full-length Symphony of Death. The album captures a live performance from May 4, 2019 at the Opera Concert Club in Saint Petersburg during which DeathOrchestra performed covers of songs from the legendary Death.

Symphony of Death will be released on 13th December 2020.

What a cool idea. Not the covering of Death tracks, that’s been done to *ahem* death but putting the fascinating spin of orchestral collaboration to their versions. That, and the fact that DeathOrchestra choose some interesting songs to cover.

One of which is the instrumental Voice of the Soul, taken from the final Death album; The Sound of Perseverance. It’s this album that also houses Scavenger of Human Sorrow and Spirit Crusher, both thrilling versions thrown out here by DeathOrchestra.

Elsewhere the album Symbolic gets some airing with Crystal Mountain and Zero Tolerance. Individual Thought Patterns’ Destiny and Leprosy’s Pull the Plug make up the remainder of the album.

Long time fans of the legendary and trailblazing death metal band, Death will find 7 instrumental versions of tracks here that are probably the most lavish and extravagant versions ever heard. With the bonus of having the live aspect of a crowd. Something that adds quite a bit to events as they’re in full voice and the recording lets them breathe.

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It’s a very interesting listen regardless of what level of fan you are when it comes to Death. Cursory fans will enjoy the elaborate symphonic sound making old death metal songs sound larger than life. Whereas those with a tattoo or two dedicated to the band will find variations that never overstep the tribute bar that was set at the start.

DeathOrchestra – Symphony of Death Full Track Listing:

1. Voice of the Soul
2. Crystal Mountain
3. Zero Tolerance
4. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
5. Spirit Crusher
6. Destiny
7. Pull the Plug


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DeathOrchestra - Symphony of Death (Self Released)
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