EP Review: Xeno Ooze – Slimewave (Bloody Scythe Records)

Xeno Ooze is a three-piece hive-minded grindcore outfit from the scorching Sonoran deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2018 by ex-members of Glitterbomb and Drogheda, Xeno Ooze weaves elements of death metal, crust, power violence and oozing science fiction into a sludgy conglomerate of mach-speed blasting, pummelling riffs, and gutturals from the maws of The Old Ones themselves.

The 10-song sophomore EP, Simewave will be released physically through Bloody Scythe Records on cassette tape and will be available digitally on the 18th December 2020.

An early Christmas present for fans of grind, Xeno Ooze bring the filth. A rotted, putrid and festering pile of filth. An EP of blistering noise, the impetus to make as much disparaging noise as possible driven by their warped side. With the talent to back it up though, the frenzy of metal comes in varying degrees of abusive power.

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Some, like Gouroboros, Ooze it Or Lose it, They Kingdom Scum and Nauseam A.D. are drawn out pits of chaos. Where bodies crawl over each other in a greasy and bloody melee to stand tall. The odd momentary burst from the heaving mass, a welcome gasp of air.

Whereas the likes of Root & Phlegm, Gnarciscyst, Twilight of the Idyll, Radical Putrefaction and Swillbirth are violent jabs to the body and head. You’ll feel every guitar scrape, every drum hit, every bass hook and every guttural roar.

Xeno Ooze – Slimewave Full Track Listing:

1. Deus Ex Machinooze
2. Gouroboros
3. Root & Phlegm
4. Gnarciscyst
5. Twilight of the Idyll
6. Ooze it or Lose it
7. Thy Kingdom Scum
8. Radical Putrefaction
9. Swillbirth
10. Nauseam A.D.




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Xeno Ooze - Slimewave (Bloody Scythe Records)
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