Album Review: Death Dealer – Conquered Lands (Steel Cartel)

Death Dealer will release their new album ‘Conquered Lands’ on 13th November 2020 via Steel Cartel Records. The band features an all-star heavy metal roster. ROSS THE BOSS (ex-MANOWAR) Sean Peck: vocals (CAGE, THE THREE TREMORS, DENNER/SHERMANN), Stu Marshall: guitar (DUNGEON, NIGHT LEGION), Steve Bolognese: drums (ROSS THE BOSS BAND, INTO ETERNITY), and newly added bass player extraordinaire Mike Lepond (SYMPHONY-X, ROSS THE BOSS BAND).

Oh this is heavy fucking metal. Which should come as no surprise when you see the names of who make up Death Dealer. A group with fire running through their veins, Death Dealer bring the epic grandeur of classic metal with a touch of power to make it all the more fantastical. All while ensuring you’re head-banging with all your might throughout.

An easy accomplishment for a band able to throw screaming and screeching guitar riffs around like they’re going out of business. Accompanied by a ton of killer hooks and meaty beats, the magnificent vocal performance is the icing on the sharp and leathery cake that is Conquered Lands.

What we have here is an album capable of making the heart beat that little faster. The sort of stuff to make you walk that little taller and feel that little larger in life. As though Death Dealer has your back and they’re marching alongside.

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None of that would matter if Conquered Lands wasn’t filled with metal bangers though. Which is obviously not the case. There’s nothing complicated or groundbreaking here but it’s totally fine. Play it loud and proud, it’s heavy fucking metal.

Death Dealer – Conquered Lands Full Track Listing:

1. Sorcerer Supreme
2. Every Nation
3. Beauty and the Blood
4. Running with the Wolves
5. The Heretic Has Returned
6. Conquered Lands
7. Hail to the King
8. Slay or Be Slain
9. Faith Under Fire
10. 22 Gone
11. Born to Bear the Crown


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Death Dealer - Conquered Lands (Steel Cartel)
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