Horror Movie Review: In Search of Lovecraft (2008)

The low-budget nature of In Search of Lovecraft will no doubt be quite off-putting to many. Especially those used to seeing horrendous low-budget Lovecraft offerings churned out to a dismaying result. However, while In Search of Lovecraft can’t be called a good movie, it is by no-means a terrible one either. What it tries to do can be appreciated, just don’t expect a classic.

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Directed and written by David J. Hohl, it stars Renee Sweet as Rebecca Marsh. A reporter sick of covering fluff pieces for her editor. Her latest assignment is to create a Halloween show dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft. Something she really doesn’t want to do at first.

However, when she interviews Dr. D’Souza (Saqib Mausoof), she begins to discover a deeper and all too real depth to the famous author’s work. Down the rabbit hole Rebecca goes, along with her cameraman, Mike (Tytus Bergstrom) and assistant Amber (Denise Amrikhas). The deeper they go, the more real the threat becomes.

The dark god Nyarlathotep is real and his followers are on the verge of summoning him into our world. Will Rebecca be able to stop the evil destroying the world?

It’s a good story that is told well enough to hold the interest even if the low budget means we suffer many a slow moment when things should have been faster. The same goes for the cast, solid enough that dip when asked to go deeper with their performances. Normally some sort of madness brought on by what they are facing which is very Lovecraft to be fair.

Ultimately though, the over-riding issue is the lack of budget which inevitable harms the overall quality. It’s an ugly film that does the best it possibly can when it comes to effects. Its best though isn’t up to scratch and it really comes to light in the film’s finale.

Still, you could watch way worse when it comes Lovecraftian material.


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