Album Review: Davey Suicide – Made from Fire (Trisol Music Group)

The new album, Made from Fire from goth rock/metalcore outfit Davey Suicide was released on March 24th 2017 via Trisol Music Group.

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Sometimes, just sometimes an album comes along in rock & metal that is stunning in its utter absurdity, so unbelievably poor that it’s borderline criminal. Almost like it’s wilfully trying to bad, like it’s a big joke & the band or artist think they’re pulling some sort of April Fools prank. The kind of album that has to be heard to be believed & it’s all fun & games until you realise that it’s deadly serious.

Made by Fire by Davey Suicide IS serious even if that actually seems impossible. 14 tracks of the most bland, boring, inane screamo/metalcore rubbish with serious overuse of effects & even some good-old fashioned rap metal moments. ‘Cause that was ever considered a high point of music.

None of that would be a problem if it wasn’t for that fact that Made from Fire is terrible from the moment Rise Above’s opening lines kick in.

“Get your fists up, get your fists up, front to the back all get your fists up”

That is the high point of the vocals. The first couple of tracks are rubbish but it’s with No Angels that things really go off the rails in spectacular & hilarious fashion. That it’s followed by Too Many Freaks featuring horrorcore/hip-hop band, Twiztid will probably see most give up & stop listening.

It’s on Too Many Freaks that the realisation creeps in that Davey Suicide wants to Marilyn Manson. Yet even at his worst, Manson never sounded this bad. The Twiztid rapping is super-fast & probably the highlight of the song but that’s like saying only having to eat 2 bowls of shit instead of 3 is better.

The monstrosity continues for another 9 tracks unfortunately. What would be highlight worthy moments in better music just end up sounding forced & nothing more than a box-ticking exercise. Need a solo? Here’s 5 seconds of one in the completely forgettable Anti-System Revolution.

The album takes a break from the *ahem* ‘harder sound’ with the ballady & heavy on the electronica, Paralyzed (featuring William Control). An absolute ‘knock the wind out of the sails’ song except Made from Fire was already drifting aimlessly before.

As pointless sounding, uninteresting & forgettable as the riffs & melodies are, nothing compares to the shockingly rubbish lyrics. Sung with about as much conviction as an extreme hoarder having to give up their stash against their will, Devil’s Night is perhaps the icing on the cake for terrible lyrics.

“Face down, on the ground, bodies lying all around…are we in hell or heaven? Yeaaahhhh, Yeaaahhhh, Yeaaahhhh, it’s time to finish what we started”

Absolute poetry.

At 48 minutes, Made from Fire is 47 minutes too long & has almost no redeeming features. Even when a bit of groove or chug pops up it’s quickly ruined by horrible electronica effects or in the case of The Chemicals in You, the sound of a woman in the throes of pleasure. It’s the worst song on the album by some stretch, an incredible undertaking & something that is worthy of a slow clap at least. No-one can be this bad intentionally, it’s mind-boggling.

Part of the lyrics in this song has a high-pitched irritating female voice spelling out the word Chemicals while Davey says ‘come on’ & ‘yeah’. They then swap it over for Davey to spell out Chemicals while she encourages him in the same manner!

If you’ve made it this far, well done. It’s not over yet. The penultimate song, Made from Fire caps off the worst album in a very long time by deciding to add some offence lyrical content in, what I suspect, was a really profound moment for the band.

“We’re not scared to evolve, judged in the eyes of God. Plagued by bigots or led by hypocrites. We are everything they hate, cursed upon our name. We’re faggots in a world that’s straight.”

Oh, fuck you, Davey Suicide.

Davey Suicide 2

Davey Suicide – Made from Fire Overall Track Listing:

1. Resurrection (Intro)
2. Rise Above
3. Dancing With the Reaper
4. No Angel
5. Too Many Freaks (feat. Twiztid)
6. Torture Me
7. Anti-System Revolution
8. Paralyzed (feat. William Control)
9. No Place Like Hell
10. Devil’s Night
11. Take the Pain Away
12. The Chemicals in You
13. Made from Fire
14. End of the War

If you want to subject yourself to the torture that is Made from Fire you can stream/buy from most major platforms. Don’t bother.


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Davey Suicide - Made from Fire (Trisol Music Group)
  • The Final Score - O/10

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