Demo Review: Misrule – Forced to Suffer (Sentient Ruin)

One man extreme death/grind band Misrule will release a demo tape, Forced to Suffer on March 2nd 2018 via Sentient Ruin. Misrule is an unrestrained and completely uncontrolled exercise in total aural terror.

Misrule 2

When non-metal fans turn their nose up at the genre & claim it’s just noise & screaming, it’s Misrule they’re talking about. 5 tracks, 8 minutes of pure assault. An absolute car crash of screeching guitars, rumbling bass, crashing drums & deeply guttural vocals. A car crash of twisted limbs, broken bodies & bloodied remains…horrifying & disturbing but difficult to look away from.

That’s exactly what Forced to Suffer is yet there is something appealing about grind/death that is this raw & unrefined. It does take talent to create order out of this level of chaos & the more you listen to the Demo, the clearer it becomes.

It’s not all ‘mile a minute’ stuff either as Led to the Grave & Death Embrace Me slows things down briefly bringing guitar feedback & doomy bass to the forefront.

It’s hard to recommend the likes of Bleed though. 40 seconds of contemptuous vomitous metal that leaves no impression at all. Thankfully it ends on a high with Maggot actually having a bit of rhythm to it as it fades out.

Misrule 1

Misrule – Forced to Suffer Full Track Listing:

1. Forced to Suffer
2. Led to the Grave
3. Death Embrace Me
4. Bleed
5. Maggot



You can order the demo now via Sentient Ruin here and via Bandcamp here

Misrule - Forced to Suffer (Sentient Ruin)
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