Album Review: Prayers of Sanity – Face of the Unknown (Rastilho Records)

Portuguese metal band, Prayers of Sanity are back with their third album, Face of the Unknown which will be released on April 28th 2017 via Rastilho Records.

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Face of the Unknown is all about an old-school thrash metal sound. From the moment the fast & heavy riffs kick in on the title track you’ll know exactly what you’re in for across the 9 tracks. Hardly an original effort but one filled with plenty of slamming metal riffs, intense vocals (that have a bit of the Tom Araya about them), brooding bass & drums.

Face of the Unknown isn’t breaking any new ground but it is every bit a solid metal album that will capture the attention for 35 minutes. Dead Alive’s hypnotic beat, the punky snarl of Past, Present, None and the intensity of Unturned sees the first half of the album fly by in a hail of aggressive noise.

Seeming to understand the need for a pause in proceedings, In Between is just two minutes of slow melody with a nice sounding guitar solo. It freshens the mind for the continued blast of metal that follows.

The rest of the album throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. All in an attempt to make your brain start leaking out of your ears. Someday, Somehow manages to sound more furious then anything that came before while Betrayer goes for the killing blow with its chugging riffs.

A great old school thrash metal album comes to a close with one final, short flourish. A blend of punk intensity & thrashy beats finishes things off nicely.

Face of the Unknown makes up for its shortcomings by delivering a hard-hitting slab of nasty sounding old school thrash metal. Close your eyes, sit back & for 35 minutes enjoy uncomplicated metal.

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Prayers of Sanity – Face of the Unknown Full Track Listing:

1. Faces of the Unknown
2. Dead Alive
3. Past, Present, None
4. Unturned
5. In Between
6. March Forward
7. Someday
8. Betrayer
9. Nothing

You can pick up Face of the Unknown via Bandcamp here & some of the bands earlier work here. You can find out more about the band over on Facebook and Rastilho Records here.

Prayers of Sanity - Face of the Unknown (Rastilho Records)
  • 7.5/10
    The Final Score - 7.5/10
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