Album Review: Dark Years from Now – Dark Years from Now (Self Released)

Based in Vancouver BC, this sonically diverse act is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Dan Potter.  Using heavy barrages of thrashing poly-rhythmic riffage to whip up intensity levels, Dark Years from Now descends into abstracted darkness and finds a sonic blueprint that’s filled with endless possibilities.

The debut LP by Dark Years from Now was conceived to be a unique listening journey. Unafraid to take a non-linear approach, many of the songs are forged with abstract intent even using the words as yet another aural paintbrush, obscuring to reveal.

Dark Years from Now will release its self-titled album on March 8th 2019.

Dark Years 2

Not sure what to expect from this album? That’s to be expected and doesn’t really get much clearer as you get going with it. Unusual is one way to describe it. Another could be wacky. Another could be imaginative and so on. It’s part metal, part black, part thrash, part industrial…putting it simply, there are a lot of moving parts to Dark Years from Now. It’s pretty impressive that it actually functions so well.

After a fairly innocuous intro (Forbidden Nexus) it’s up to Heaven and Hell Collide and A Red Light Glares to draw us in and they do a great job of it. Top notch riffs, blackened vocals, deeply dark heavy rhythm and a really sinister yet appealing undercut of complexity.

That complexity begins to rear its head more and more as Proxy Whore goes full crazy and Zubaydah provides a showcase of technicality within the abstract riffs. Both tracks are hard to digest at first but in multiple listens unravel enough to make them more enjoyable.

That can’t be said for the irritating Burial Forest, a super-fuzzed up noise interruption that will see most listeners hitting the skip button.

It’s actually welcome that Pyrophoric takes things back to a more simple and guitar driven heavy blackened metal sound. Especially as it’s a short interlude before the top shelf brilliance of Shot Caller demands every bit of your attention. The best track on the album, the brilliant riffing, the booming percussion and slight industrial tinge really makes this a special and eventful listen.

As we reach the end of an eclectic album, X or Cyst? Pt. 1 ups the industrial to uncomfortably high levels. Fall Away brings us excellent rock riffing and a little more mellowness within the vocals before Riptides of the Abyss pushes its luck by being 10+ minutes of rumbling noise. A pointless final track that probably would have been better served being a minute or two at most.

There’s way more good then bad throughout Dark Years From Now’s debut and the imagination shown is very impressive. A bit more restraint was needed but for the most part, it’s a great release.

Dark Years 1

Dark Years From Now – Dark Years From Now Full Track Listing:

1. Forbidden Nexus
2. Heaven and Hell Collide
3. A Red Light Glares
4. Proxy Whore
5. Zubaydah
6. Burial Forest
7. Pyrophoric
8. Shot Caller
9. X or Cyst? Pt. 1
10. Fall Away
11. Riptides of the Abyss

The album will be available via all major streaming services including Apple Music below. Find out more by checking out the band’s Facebook Page.


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Dark Years from Now - Dark Years from Now (Self Released)
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