Album Review: Yurt – IV: The Obstacle is Everything (Self Released)

IV: The Obstacle is Everything is the new album from progressive noise/rock band Yurt. Their 4th album to date, it will be released on October 6th 2018.

In their own words: “Expect some manner of noise for your consideration and displeasure.”



Yurt say displeasure but IV: The Obstacle is Everything is all about giving out pleasure with its oddities mixed in with imaginative progressive rock. Opener Icon Rubble bubbly riffs and dirty groove lead the charge for over four minutes before the unusual vocals make themselves known. Adding an extra layer to an already fascinating listen, the chanting style of the vocals are deeply unsettling and fairly brief leaving the rest of the instruments to finish up in style.

The Narrowing builds on the early expansive sound with delectable riffing before braving the stormy seas of melody and following that up with a wilder, faster edge. It’s truly mind-blowing stuff.

There isn’t a point in IV: The Obstacle is Everything where Yurt aren’t trying to gleam some sort of reaction out of the listener. Be it surprise by just how unique sounding it is or excitement as another riff takes hold or even admiration of just how complex but listenable it is. It’s amazing that they were ever able to actually find a finish point for most of the tracks as it seems as though they could just keep going on and on!

The frantic Angel Happatuth Meets Devil Dikkei gives way to the sci-fi infused Faith Utensil, a trippy wander through the minds of Yurt. At over 13 minutes long, it really digs down deep into the soft matter of the brain.

Yurt aren’t finished yet though. The Curious Observation of the Peas-Haver begins with a darker and more eerie sound before increasing the tempo like the sound of something powering up. Unsurprisingly it’s not the only direction shift the track will have. It’s exactly the kind of finish you’d expect from such an eclectic sounding band.

Yurt stand out not just for the level of progressiveness that lays within IV: The Obstacle is Everything but the way in which they get that across.

Yurt 1

Yurt – IV: The Obstacle is Everything Full Track Listing:

1. Icon Rubble
2. The Narrowing
3. Angel Happatuth Meets Devil Dikkei
4. Faith Utensil
5. The Curious Observation of the Peas-Haver

You can order the new album over on Bandcamp as well as all their earlier releases. Find out more by checking out their website and Facebook Page.


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Yurt - IV: The Obstacle is Everything (Self Released)
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