Album Review: Conjonctive – In The Mouth Of The Devil (Tenacity Music)

The latest album, In the Mouth of the Devil from death metal band, Conjonctive was released on the 10th March 2017 via Tenacity Music.

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The crunching drum beat & darkened riffs of opening track Purgatory makes it clear that Conjonctive are bringing the death metal pain. It’s a thumping start backed up by the head-banging aggression that follows.

You’re Next brings in furious vocals alongside a machine gun fire style of riffing that sounds so primal. It’s punchy as hell & only gets better when a choir-like effect is brought in near the end.

The maddening groove of Falling in the Mouth of the Devil is like an itch you just can’t quite reach while Down into the Abyss attempts to bludgeon you to death. Some progressive guitar hooks really helps it stand out from the pack especially as the dark & chugging beat is getting a bit repetitive at this stage.

The upswing in sound continues throughout the middle of the album. The high-speed drumming & spitting vocals in Let Blow the Grim Wind, the screaming guitar melody & roaring screams in The Cult of the Shining Planet and the ferocity of Burn Your Eyes.

There is no let up here, Conjonctive aren’t interested in melodic moments. They’re not interested in anything but destruction using intense blast beats, pissed off vocal roars, screams & hard-hitting riffs. In the Mouth of the Devil is a death metal album but one with great production & one foot in a much more modern sound.

The band keeps things short & in your face, they’ve got something to say & no track goes over 5 minutes. This works in the album’s favour as there isn’t much in the way of imagination here meaning it could run the risk of being boring had the songs gone on too long.

In the Mouth of the Devil wraps things up with the smash-mouth combination of Defeat the Red Sun & Constellations & Black Holes. Both fitting perfectly alongside what came before but not offering much in the way of freshness. It’s a perfectly fine finish but those expecting a final flourish may come away disappointed.

10 tracks long, In the Mouth of the Devil knows what it is & it does it well. 10 tracks of furious sounding death metal with plenty of heavy beats, hooks & riffs to keep most interested.

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Conjonctive – In the Mouth of the Devil Full Track Listing:

1. Purgatory
2. You’re Next
3. Falling in the Mouth of the Devil
4. Down Into the Abyss
5. Let Blow the Grim Wind
6. The Cult of the Shining Planet
7. Burn Your Eyes
8. Hills of Abomination
9. Defeat the Red Sun
10. Constellations & Black Holes

You can pick up In the Mouth of the Devil over on Bandcamp & through Apple Music below. Fancy some Conjonctive merch? Get some over on Bigcartel! You can find out more about the band over on Facebook as well as Tenacity Music here.

Conjonctive - In The Mouth Of The Devil (Tenacity Music)
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