Album Review: Comatose Vigil A.K. – Evangelium Nihil (Non Serviam Records)

Seven years after the release of the acclaimed second album, Fuimus, non Sumus…, Russian funeral doom trio Comatose Vigil returns with the awaited third album, Evangelium Nihil, out on December 14th 2018 via Non Serviam Records. The band had been in slumber since 2016. A.K. iEzor has reawaken the band under the name Comatose Vigil A.K. with the help of David Unsaved of Ennui and John Devos of Mesmur.

Comatose Vigil 2

Four length tracks of the most depressing and harsh hearing funeral doom heard this year, Comatose Vigil A.K. have released a haunting and horrifying listen. From the moment Comatose Vigil builds its oppression to breaking point you know you’re in for something that may possibly leave you scarred and changed.

The breaking point comes and there is no way to prepare for it. The drums sound off a slow beat, the guitars ring out and the vocals cry out deep and guttural doom.

What really makes this an eye-opening listen is how horror effects continue all the way through it, sitting behind the heaviness but as much a part of the evil on show. This goes on for over 16 minutes!

Lengthy horror-heavy tracks is what this album is all about though. The title track and Deus Sterilis follow the same formula with the beat in both slowing down to such an extent it’s barely moving. This style really is an acquired taste and if funeral doom hasn’t been your jam before, Comatose Vigil A.K. aren’t going to change your mind too much here.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad, far from it. In fact the trio have crafted one of the finer efforts in that style. They absolutely nail the feeling of death, destruction and hellish environments perfectly.

Comatose Vigil 1

Comatose Vigil A.K. – Evangelium Nihil Full Track Listing:

1. Comatose Vigil
2. Evangelium Nihil
3. Deus Sterilis
4. The Day Heaven Fell



You can order the album via Bandcamp here and Non Serviam Records here.


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Comatose Vigil A.K. - Evangelium Nihil (Non Serviam Records)
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