Horror Movie Review: Killing Spree (1987)

There is something so lovable about this slasher/zombie horror even if a lot of the time the plot is really slow and the acting leaden. Killing Spree was written and directed by Tim Ritter and stars Asbestos Felt as Tom Russo. He is a jealous man forced to work long hours after his company cuts his pay.

He doesn’t trust his wife Leeza (Courtney Lercara) one bit and suspects that when he is at work, she is committing adultery with anyone and everyone that comes to the house. His proof? Her diary where she details all her sexual trysts with TV repairmen, electricians, gardeners and Tom’s best friend.

Killing Spree 2

Furious, Tom kills everyone who comes to his house while obsessing over his wife’s diary. Little does he know though that she and the men are completely innocent. Her diary? Stories that she is selling to an erotic magazine. Unfortunately for the couple by time she reveals this to him it’s already too late and the Tom’s victims have returned from the grave to get their revenge.

Killing Spree 3

Low budget as hell, the biggest problem with Killing Spree isn’t the terrible effects. No, those are kind of charming. The biggest problem is that it’s 88 minutes long and it doesn’t have nearly enough going on to sustain that run-time.

That means it really starts to lag after a short while and even Asbestos Felt (what a name!) and his overacting can’t elect much more then yawns.

Killing Spree 4

However, what is pretty well done is how it’s unclear just how much truth there is in Leeza’s diary. As Tom reads, we see the events play out but with no actual nudity (unless you count a bare back). It makes it all seem pretty real and Leeza’s flirtatious nature adds some weight to Tom’s fears. She loves her husband though and the revelation at the end is worthy of praise. I didn’t see it coming and I certainly didn’t see it turning into a zombie flick!

Killing Spree 5

As turns go, it’s very out of left field. There has been nothing supernatural up to this point at all. It’s likely to turn a lot of people off though but I didn’t mind it, particularly the final minutes.

It’s a dumb movie with a plot stretched to breaking point but it’s got charm thanks to the effects and the campy performances.


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Killing Spree
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