Album Review: Carnal Tomb – Abhorrent Veneration (Testimony Records)

Testimony Records proudly presents the sophomore album of German Death Metallers Carnal Tomb!


Hailing from the bowels of Berlin, Carnal Tomb started out as a duo in 2014 with Corpse Ripper on bass and Cryptic Tormentor on vocals/guitars, releasing two demos. After recruiting new members Vomitchrist (drums) and Lobotomizer (guitars) they released their debut album ‘Rotten Remains’ in 2016 through Memento Mori Records.

After Lobotomizer’s depature in 2017, Goat Eviscerator took over the second guitar and many shows and a European tour (with their now label colleagues Sentient Horror) in 2018 followed. The new album ‘Abhorrent Veneration’ will be released on the 26th July 2019.

Keeping things ever so savage, Carnal Tomb spit sticky and vile noise over everyone who dares to enter their hell. Seven tracks of brutal blackened death metal not for those with a nervous disposition.

With something likes this, there really isn’t a lot to say. It’s all encompassing fury. The kind that wraps itself around you like a snake. Squeezing the life slowly out of you, turning your struggles for air into nothing but weak hopes and prayers.

From the gothic horror that introduces the Putrid Fumes to the dingy barbarism of Cryptic Nebula all the way through to manic inhumanity of Sepulchral Descent. Carnal Tomb alternate between and combining varying degrees of horrid heaviness. If the riffs don’t break your mind, the blocked up drain style vocals will.

It’s a ugly, repellent and polluted release but an enticing one.


Carnal Tomb – Abhorrent Veneration Full Track Listing:

1. Putrid Fumes
2. Abhorrent Veneration
3. Cryptic Nebula
4. Amid the Graves
5. Dissonant Incubation
6. Feeding Mold
7. Sepulchral Descent




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Carnal Tomb - Abhorrent Veneration (Testimony Records)
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