What Do Gamers and Fans of Horror Films Tend to Have in Common?

There are many hobbies you could enjoy in your spare time but playing games and watching horror films are two of the very best. Along with listening to heavy metal, they provide a fantastic way to have fun. Gaming has grown as an industry in recent years and has started to connect with people all across the globe.

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Horror films, of course, have been around for a long time and have built up a huge following. Although you might not realize it, fans of these movies and gamers actually have a lot in common. But what are some good examples of this?

A penchant for thrills!

There is no doubt that horror movie buffs and ardent gamers both love the thrills each pastime delivers. Watching a good horror flick (such as The Exorcist) is popular because the shocks it delivers are exciting. By the same token, gamers also have a love for being excited by the games they play.

Focus on interesting plots and characters

Although not all horror films have the most unique storylines or characters, most people who watch them still focus on this. That is because an interesting plot with innovative touches and unique characters can make any film more enjoyable.

Gamers also share this love for engaging characters and in-depth stories. As with horror film fans, this is because the people and storyline in a game plays a big role in how awesome it can be. From iconic characters like Lara Croft to engaging stories in titles like The Last of Us, this is clear to see.

How a body reacts to gaming/watching horror movies

We have already noted above that both horror movie fans and gamers share a love for excitement. Just as any metal fan may get a buzz from Imperium’s latest EP, both gamers and horror fans get a thrill from their favorite hobby.

In addition to this, how their bodies react to playing games or watching scary films is similar. Either activity will prompt the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine into the body when the action in a game or movie hots up. You will also find serotonin released into the body after an enjoyable gaming experience or full-on horror movie session.

Game and horror movie fans similar

As the above shows, horror movie fans and gamers share certain things in common. This is not a surprise when you think about how many people are into both hobbies and get a real kick from them.



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