Album Review: Calamity – Kairos (Self Released)

Puerto Rican thrashing outfit Calamity originally started off as a Metallica covers band under the moniker Silent Scream in 2009. Shortly after writing their own materials, they decided to continue under the name of Hush.

After opening for Skeletonwitch in Puerto Rico, the band decided to adapt a full thrash metal style, rooted in the sonic aesthetics of both the old school overlords and modern revival acts. In 2014, months before releasing their first EP, Let em’ Burn, Hush changed their name to Calamity to have a better representation of their newly converted musical route.

Calamity is now poised to bring fire and fury with their sophomore album, Kairos, due for release on 10th May 2019 digitally and on CD.

Calamity 2

So much old school vibes about this record, Kairos is both a tribute to the classic sound of thrash while also having a great modern sound too. It’s fast, heavy and wild. Exactly what you want from your thrash metal. The pace of Killer Vibes, the hefty guitars and drums combined with truly classic vocals will get the head banging hard.

Guerreros takes that formula and puts it into an even better track before Still We Live is surprisingly catchy. These guys can go as fast and heavy as the best of them but are channelling their fury into creating genuinely quality metal.

Of course, what kind of thrash album would it be without riffs and this an album chock full of them. From The Truth to the title track and the The Change, we get the chunkiest, wildest and most exciting thrash riffs heard in the modern era of metal. Simply put, Calamity are absolutely wrecking shop and it’s near impossible to not get on board when we have an album this strong.

The machine gun fire of the drums continues to impress in Overuled, El Vacio is a more mellow metal ‘ballad’ leading to a wild guitar solo finish and The Handlebar gives us classic speed to close things out.

What an awesome album!

Calamity 1

Calamity – Kairos Full Track Listing:

1. Killer Vibes
2. Guerreros
3. Still We Live
4. The Truth
5. Kairos
6. The Change
7. Overuled
8. El Vacio
9. The Handlebar



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp. Find out more about Calamity via their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Calamity - Kairos (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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