13 Days of Halloween: Horror Q&A: The Simple Radicals

The Simple Radicals are a retro rock band from the great blues and rock city of Chicago, Illinois, featuring John Malkin on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar and John Griffin on Lead Guitar and Vocals. Together, they capture the passion and energy of their collective musical experience, with different tastes, sounds, and styles. The music they create is pure, visceral rock ‘n’ roll – poignant, from the heart, topical and direct.

Halloween Horror Q&A

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1. Happy Halloween! Tell us, what is your perfect Halloween night?

Turning the lights off and pretending we’re not home. In all seriousness, we leave a bowl of candy outside and let the trick or treaters take what they want. And inside the house, my wife and I are sipping margaritas and watching Netflix.

2. What is the perfect Halloween horror to put on?

The original “Halloween” movie still scares the crap out of me to this day. It’s a staple every year. It was so well done, and the mix of suspense and horror was perfect.

3. In our best Ghostface voice – what’s your personal favourite scary movie and why?

“Night of the Living Dead”. Primitive horror baby.

4. What’s your earliest memory of seeing a horror movie?

When I was a kid, we used to watch “Night of the Living Dead” on TV, and I then couldn’t sleep for about two months after watching it.

5. Have you ever experienced something unusual or unexplainable in real life?

Hell yes (no pun intended). I’ve seen rooms where furniture was moved and, in one case, a cabinet was moved on the inside to block the door from being open. I’ve also heard strange voices and noises in some very eerie locations. Ghosts are real.

6. What’s the best modern horror you’ve seen recently?

We just watched this amazing movie called “Nope” about UFO’s hanging over the skies of a ranch in California and kidnapping and eating people. It was so eerie and wonderfully done.

7. What is your favourite type of horror?

One that depends more on suspense and less on slashing. Movies like “The Exorcist”, “The Omen” and “Sixth Sense” are really appealing to me.

8. What’s a horror cliché that you just can’t stand?

I really don’t like slasher movies like “Saw”. It’s all about the gore which gets old after a while.

9. Freddy, Michael or Jason? Who is your favourite and why?

Michael for sure. He’s the original bad ass.

10. 70s sleaze or 80s cheese. What’s your poison and why?

‘80’s cheese. Watch that while listening to ‘80’s hair bands and it’s a great night.

11. Would you rather: spend a night in 112 Ocean Avenue (Amityville) or Hill House (The Haunting/The Haunting of Hill House)?

Give me a room in Amityville anytime. It may be one of the scariest nights of my life, but they had a great front porch to hang out on.

12. Would you rather: ‘play a game’ (Saw) or be ‘shown such sights’ (Hellraiser)?

Can I call in sick that day and play neither?

13. Would you rather: have a good guy doll (Chucky) or an Annabelle doll (Annabelle/The Conjuring)?

I’ll take Chucky. He looks like he can be reasonable if you give him the right candy.

14. Would you rather: be stuck in the Burkittsville, Maryland woods (Blair Witch) or stuck in the caves of the Appalachian Mountains (The Descent)?

I’d rather hang with the Witch. Much warmer place to be scared.

15. Would you rather: be hunted by the Predator or by the Alien?

I’m claustrophobic to you would likely never see me in a close quartered spaceship. I have to default to the Predator.

16. What character would you be in a traditional slasher movie (the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader, the final girl etc)?

They never slash musicians which is a good thing. I might as well look a tad cool before I get my head chopped off. Jock it is.


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