Album Review: Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal (Music For Nations)

The British metalcore mob, Bury Tomorrow are back with Cannibal, their sixth studio album and follow up to to the excellent Black Flame from 2018.

Able to command with such ease, it’s with fire and strife that Bury Tomorrow come raging out of the blocks with Choke. An opener that has their trademark and inimitable huge, melodic choruses too.

Stoking the flames, the title track is a ball of energy that sees the vocal barbs spat out with some serious ferocity. Before the The Grey (VIXI) arrives and really showcases why Bury Tomorrow are such a beloved band. Detailed and deep, meaningful and morse while being as savagely heavy as you can possibly get. The cleanly sung segments are wonderful.

Just one of the many reasons Cannibal is another top release from a band who are capable of delivering punchy and impactful metalcore in their sleep.

Although, they’re clearly wide awake for Imposter (the drum patterns are ace) and Better Below. Belter after belter, the confidence oozes from Bury Tomorrow and it’s nice to hear them challenging themselves as well. With that aforementioned track and the following beastly groove of The Agonist.

They’re hardly kids anymore and it shows with a more mature style. Although that’s not to suggest they’ve moved away from what made them so popular. It’s more that Cannibal is a clear lead on from Black Flame and where Bury Tomorrow’s metalcore sound is at in 2020.

The clever writing extends into the latter part of the album too. Quake’s explosively heavy chorus akin to the ground shaking under your feet. Gods & Machines’ riff mayhem balanced out by the gunfire effect of the drums. Whereas Voice & Truth stomps around as if it owns the place and Cold Sleep ensures the energy is kept high and hot leading into the finale.

A finale that kicks in with a short rolling drum beat before the guitars and vocals join the fray. The end result? One of the more chaotic tracks on the album, only the obligatory cleaner chorus looking to keep the peace.

It’s another banger from a band who make bangers seem easy. A handful of tracks aren’t quite as exciting as others but overall, it’s a slab of modern metalcore from one of the best.

Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal Full Track Listing:

1. Choke
2. Cannibal
3. The Grey (VIXI)
4. Imposter
5. Better Below
6. The Agonist
7. Quake
8. Gods & Machines
9. Voice & Truth
10. Cold Sleep
11. Dark, Infinite



Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal (Music For Nations)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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