Album Review: Creature Creature – Two Finger Tantrum (Creature Eats Records)

Creature Creature are a five-piece indie punk-rock band based in Brighton, England. Topical thought-provoking lyrics, lightning fast guitar hooks with complex arrangements and intelligent songwriting are what’s separating them from the rest of the UK scene.

Formed in 2016 but then known as 40 Shillings on the Drum with a folk/punk sound it wasn’t until 2018 where Creature Creature found their place in the world and finalised their current lineup and the monster was born.

June 2019 saw Scully and the Creatures commence work on their debut album Two Finger Tantrum and to make sure this was an album taken seriously they not only had the songs but brought in Tommy Gleeson (Slaves To Gravity frontman and Feeder guitarist) and recorded at Brighton Electric Studios. Gleeson was a fan of their sound and DIY work ethic after meeting at Beautiful Days Festival the previous year.

Says frontman Scully:

Two Finger Tantrum has been a lifetime of waiting. We’ve all been involved in various musical projects over the years but nothing with such a strong commitment and passion as this. To of finished this roller-coaster and have it in our hands is real special moment for us all!

Two Finger Tantrum will be released on July 10th 2020 via the band’s own label, Creature Eats Records.

Get your butt-shaking shoes on, Creature Creature have something to boogie too while also sticking two fingers up in a defiant and punk-infused way. Their debut being a grand combination of catchy punk rock beats and rebellious catchiness.

Animated from the off; Four Star Blackout and Beggars on the Street deliver plenty of feel-good energy. Whereas Broken Windows takes a more subtle approach. Still with the easy sing and dance along vibes though.

While the guitar melody is nice, A Hole in the Cloud is a track that fails to spark but Creature Creature recover from that wobble with Cocaine Charmaine. The spit and fire in the vocals and groove of the guitars proving to be down-right addictive.

The pace then really picks back up for Video Nasty, a short-lived injection as Safety Net really takes Two Finger Tantrum in a more mellow direction. No complaints though, it’s joyfully sweet.

The perfect appetizer for The Early Days and Mean Streets (Reprise) before Creature Creature close out with the lovely melody and strong singing of Saturday Night Slaughter.

Creature Creature – Two Finger Tantrum Full Track Listing:

1. Four Star Blackout
2. Beggars on the Street
3. Broken Windows
4. A Hole in the Cloud
5. Cocaine Charmaine
6. Video Nasty
7. Safety Net
8. The Early Days
9. Mean Streets (Reprise)
10. Saturday Night Slaughter


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Creature Creature - Two Finger Tantrum (Creature Eats Records)
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