Album Review: Bretus – …from the Twilight Zone (Endless Winter)

Hailing from Italy, horror inspired doom band Bretus have released their new album, …from the Twilight Zone via Endless Winter. A concept album based around seven legendary horror movies.

Bretus 1

The ominous sound of a crow cawing & a distant bell lead us into soft melody before a heavy groove takes over. Terror Behind the Mirror brings doomy riffiness with an air of wonder & the macabre, helped by the theatrical style of vocals. It’s a great opener on an album that has a real unique style.

In the Vault drops the tempo, giving off a much slower & darker vibe. However, the most impressive moment sees the doom drop away switching to sorrowful guitar melody before building back up to the heaviness.

…from the Twilight Zone is an enthralling listen, one that perfects the sound horror based doom. A lot of this is helped by the sinister style of vocals & tempo switches. Songs like Old Dark House, The Murder & The Creeping Flesh are packed with exciting riffs, flashes of guitar solos & really memorable vocals. While the likes of Danza Macabra have a more gothic, melodic style. Different but in a good way as it helps break up the doominess of the record.

As far as putting you in the right mind frame, …from the Twilight Zone does a great job. The final track, Lizard Woman is a culmination of an album that looked to leave an impression & did so with ease. The riffing that makes up the majority of the track is sublime, the track’s beat soaring into a solo before coming to a halt. It builds back up with jarring effects & a strumming bass note that then kicks into a more familiar doomy sound.

An impressive release from Bretus. There haven’t been many doom releases like this, this year.

Bretus 2

Bretus – …from the Twilight Zone Full Track Listing:

1. Terror Behind the Mirror
2. In the Vault
3. Old Dark House
4. Danza Macabra
5. The Murder
6. The Creeping Flesh
7. Lizard Woman

…from the Twilight Zone is available now over on Bandcamp as well as via Endless Winter’s online store. Check out Bretus over on Facebook & on YouTube.

Bretus - ...from the Twilight Zone (Endless Winter)
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