Album Review: Belarus Beaver – Planet of the Beavers (Grind to Death Records)

Swedish grindcore act Belarus Beaver released their second full-length album ‘Planet of the Beavers’ on the 27th November 2020 via Grind to Death Records. A Swedish record label focusing on extreme metal from the Nordic.



This band sure has a thing about beavers…

Although it’s not clear if it’s a fervent appreciation or a fearful worship that drives this 12-track grinding slab of madness. Maybe, a bit of both. Either way the result is something for fans of the disgustingly putrid to enjoy. A rampant cesspit of noise, a constant clubbing to the head while having its tongue jammed firmly in its cheek.

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You only have to hear tracks like Beavers Killed Jesus and When God Made Beavers, He Fucked Us All to know that. However, the silliness behind that doesn’t detract from the ferociousness of Belarus Beaver’s playing. From the riffs that cut through swathes of flesh with their sharpness to the blast-beats of the drums and the vocals that sound like they’re coming out of a mouth filled with blood, spit and gravel.

There’s nothing particularly surprising here but when it comes to grind, few want surprises. Instead, the expectation is that it should leave you aching all over and with a dizzy head. That is what is certainly accomplished by Belarus Beaver.

We’ll never look at beavers the same again.

Belarus Beaver – Planet of the Beavers Full Track Listing:

1. The Beaver God
2. Beaver Divisions
3. Beavercide
4. Beavers Killed Jesus
5. Dammark
6. Danskbävrar (Dammark Part 2)
8. Planet of the Beavers
9. Amphibious Rodent Feast
10. The Beaver Clan
11. Raised by Beavers
12. When God Made Beavers, He Fucked Us All


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Belarus Beaver - Planet of the Beavers (Grind to Death Records)
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