Album Review: Bloodyard – Orchard Of Corpses (Self Released)

Hard hitting death metal band Bloodyard, release their anticipated debut album on May 1st 2020 featuring nine tracks, including their well-received single, ’Orchard of Corpses’ which bears the same name as the album.

A meaty and sharp start with Blood Begets Blood sets the tone of Orchard of Corpses, the weight of Bloodyard’s death sound pushing down hard. It’s very deep and very dark, only taking on a more comfortable death metal sound with the introduction of the vocals. At least comfortable if your ears are used to brutal death noise.

You’ll need a dark disposition and a serious penchant for aggressive head-banging as Bloodyard don’t let the fury slow for even a second. Varying tempos just allows Bloodyard to be even more brutal. Mortem and Rupture the Mask played at different speeds but both equally fierce.

Talking of fierce…

The title track erupts like a boil filled with all manner of vomit-inducing pus, the riffs pulsating with vibrant fire. All Hail the Crimson King is the painful relief and suffering that follows before Stack the Pyre delivers a blistering hail of fire.

Grabbing the throat and throttling, Choke is short and to the point just so Purge the Rot can sneak up behind and deliver the killing blow. The riffs leaving the mind woozy and completely unprepared for the gargantuan finale (9:54) of Antithesis. Crawling forth with menace and malice, the riffs spread their tendrils through what is left of the mind. The slow and cold horror creeping up until there is no escape.

Bloodyard – Orchard of Corpses Full Track Listing:

1. Blood Begets Blood
2. Mortem
3. Rupture the Mask
4. Orchard of Corpses
5. All Hail The Crimson King
6. Stack the Pyre
7. Choke
8. Purge the Rot
9. Antithesis


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Bloodyard - Orchard Of Corpses (Self Released)
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