Album Review: Blind Monarch – What Is Imposed Must Be Endured (Black Bow Records)

Malevolent and brooding, powerful yet sickly, visceral while haunting: Blind Monarch weave moments of a dubious beauty into a corrupted majesty of ugliness and despair.  Their debut album What Is Imposed Must Be Endured was captured in a derelict space in the North of England during the bleak mid-winter of 2017 and will be available April 5th 2019 via Black Bow Records.

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Ready for a grim listen? Ready to feel hopeless, lost and alone? Just press play on Blind Monarch’s new album and let the feeling of despair wash over you. The methodical terror and dismay that is spread across the four tracks of What is Imposed Must Be Endured is simply repugnant. Yet, it begs to be heard. It demands observation and scrutiny as if anything less would be letting it down.

It’s very difficult to deny this doom beast as Suffering Breathes My Name crawls out of the muck with evil intentions. As disgusting as it is, it’s impossible to turn away as My Mother, My Cradle, My Tomb then wraps its cold, dead hands around your body. In its embrace there is little left to do but give yourself over the abomination of doom.

Each new squeeze brings with it fresh waves of revulsion yet it is still so appealing. The track Blind Monarch somehow takes things even lower and heavier yet its 13 minute length flies by. The life is slowly being squeezed out of us but we’re not done yet. As Living Altar begins with soft and comforting melody. The feeling of being safe is short lived though as the horror that is Blind Monarch rears its ugly head for one last furious heavy assault.

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Blind Monarch – What is Imposed Must Be Endured Full Track Listing:

1. Suffering Breathes My Name
2. My Mother, My Cradle, My Tomb
3. Blind Monarch
4. Living Altar



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp and more info gained by checking out Blind Monarch’s Facebook Page.


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Blind Monarch - What Is Imposed Must Be Endured (Black Bow Records)
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