Album Review: Avulsion Rupture – Wræclást (Self-Released)

Avulsion Rupture are a British black/death metal band & Wræclást is their second album.

The intensity that arrives from the moment opening track Fauld kicks in is quite something, kind of like when you had your car speakers up loud the night before but forgot to turn them back down the next morning when you get back in it. It will certainly wake you up!

Wræclást is eight tracks of filthy sounding black & death metal, guitar riffs that ooze through your brain, hooks that rip through your flesh & vocals that drip menace. If you want uplifting music that cushions your senses then it’s best you look elsewhere.

The Dark Peak in particular is a great example of this challenging sound, it’s incredibly evil sounding tones & sudden bursts of speed just hammering away as if it’s trying to reshape you. A lot of the ‘nasty’ sounds that this record has can be attributed to vocals. The style may not be unique within the genre but it works really well within the cacophony of metal, not overshadowed but not the only thing you hear.

It can sometimes be tough to distinguish certain elements from the other as the whirlwind of noise surrounds you. When the drums are in top gear they do tend to dominate & that can be a little annoying but it only really becomes more noticeable on later tracks like Here Dwells Immortality.

The album has a really raw sound & while I really like that it can be off-putting to many. They’d be missing out though as this is a gritty, blackened metal release that spits revulsion & disgust in drones & is the better for it!

Full Track Listing:

1. Fauld
2. Old Remnants
3. The Dark Peak
4. Luddite
5. Cursed Corpse Candle
6. Here Dwells Immortality
7. Hob O’ Th’ Hyrst
8. On The Edge Of ζ II Reticuli

We’d like to thank Avulsion Rupture for providing us with a copy of the album for review purposes. You can pick up their music & merch over on Bandcamp & on bigcartel. You can also find out more over on their Facebook page.

Avulsion Rupture - Wræclást (Self-Released)
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