Band Interview: Chasing Sounds

1. How did you get started as a band?

That’s an awesome story, we had the band name way before we had any material
written or we even went to jam under the name Chasing Sounds. It was one of those average high school night outs, me (Attila) Mate and another friend of ours were hanging out drinking and smoking at Mate’s Grandma’s basement. Our usual spot to hang out after going thru all the bars in Bratislava. We were pretty drunk and under the influence of other substances, listening to some weird electro music, playing around with words Mate spat out Chasing Sounds. We knew it at that very moment that this will be our band name if we ever manage to put a band together. I remember this like it was yesterday. This was around 2010.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Our debut album ”Elektrobioscope” came out on December 3rd 2015. I think there is a little bit of everything on this album. People who listen to Hardcore, Metal, Punk or any other sub-genre of this music will find at least one song which they will like. Just take the opening song ‘Here we Are’ it’s an instant throwback to the 90’s skatepunk scene, fans of fast paced bands like Pennywise, No Use For a Name and similar will probably like it. Another song ‘Spirit of AC’ is again very pop/punk driven like late 90’s Blink 182. It’s got that Dude Ranch feel to it.

An album which created a musical milestone in my life, and if anyone wonders what does ‘AC’ stands for it’s Atlantic City the place were we hung out and got the inspiration for this song. Moving on to other songs on the album, ‘Corrupted Bullshit’, ‘Knock Out’ & ‘False Flag Attack’ are straight up old-school hardcore songs, with a great portion of NYHC vibe. Fans of Madball, H2O, Biohazard, Agnostic Front should check them out. Especially when we perform them live, that’s where all the energy comes out and if the crowd is feeling it those are the best moments of our shows.

Then we got the title track ‘Elektrobioscope’ & ‘Yesterday’s no Different’ which are the more serious songs, and definitely the best ones on the whole record. Judge it yourself and give it a go, the album is on our Bandcamp page you can download it for FREE!

3. What bands/artists would you say have influenced your style of music?

Ignite, old Blink 182, H20, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Nofx, Jimmy Eat World, Slayer, Metallica…Too long to list, as we mentioned before we like a lot of different bands. We can’t really name an exact band, rather styles such as pop punk, hardcore and nu/metal are our main influences. Definitely the 90’s early 2000’s era of these styles.

4. Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band?

Oh it definitely did. Social media & YouTube are the key to gain recognition from all over the world. Before it was only the Radio then MTV, a lot of magazines, and all that. Getting on air for a radio show is so freaking hard these days, We’ve got a few radio friendly tunes as well, but it doesn’t matter these days. The only thing what matters is whom you know/don’t now. That counts for basically everything in the music business and sadly in life in general as well.

You won’t get any airplay, won’t get to play really great shows, or support a bigger band, unless your arm is up in the promoters/managers or god knows who’s ass. That’s why weaker bands get on a bill which they would normally never get to play because sadly quality music is not in first place anymore.

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

We’ve all got day jobs so there isn’t much free time left to enjoy other things in life. I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling whenever it’s possible, collecting vintage basses/guitars. Mate plays even more drums & we like to hang out together. MM KOvacs got into tattoos, working out & always looking to get laid by any random chick. Flo is satisfied with his work and does all kinds of other recordings with his gear.

6. What are your future plans musically? Tours?

We have more than enough material to hit the studio to record our second album. This time we will do everything in the studio. We plan it around March next year, but the exact dates are not yet agreed. A US tour is also in our plans and we will return back to the countries in Europe which we already played this year. We filmed two music videos this year and we will do at least two for the next album in 2017.

Thanks for the interview and for sharing our music, hope we can play in your town soon! We are also looking for a serious Manager or Booking Agency to work with, so if you like our music hit us up ASAP!

We’d really like to thank Chasing Dragons for answering our questions & Stencil PR for arranging the interview. You can download their music for free on Bandcamp, check them out on Facebook, Twitter & on Soundcloud!


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