Album Review: Atrexial – Souverain (Godz Ov War Productions)

Atrexial’s Souverain was self-released digitally in April 2017 but has since been picked up by Godz Ov War Productions for a CD release on the 30th May 2017.

Atrexial 1

12 songs of intense, up-tempo death/black metal. It’s clear from the hammering drums & growling vocals that Atrexial mean business. An instant slap to the face, The Hideous Veil of Innocence takes absolutely no prisoners with its intensity. It’s fast, heavy but filled with rhythmic hooks. Something that becomes even more prevalent on Under the Scourge of Lamashtu.

An absolute stormer of a track filled with huge beats & vocals that just rip the mind apart with their sheer power.

Things just get better & better as track after track explodes out of the gate. Catharsis Through Torment has some killer riffing, Unmerciful Imperial Majesty’s huge hooks, the stunning melody throughout Illuminator & the brutality of The Ominous Silence.

Things settle down for the a brief piano interlude before Shadows of the Nephilim lays waste to everything with intense drum beats. A contender for the best track on the album it ups the heaviness ante. Coming at a time when it seemed as though Atrexial had reached their limit.

Sourverain is an incredible album & finding fault with it is near impossible. A constant barrage of gut-wrenching riffs, heavy as hell drumming & furious vocals keeps things tight all the way until the final notes of the title track, Sourverain plays out.

The haunting melody of Eternal wraps things up nicely leaving serious satisfaction.

Atrexial 2

Atrexial – Sourverain Full Track Listing:

1. Enthronement
2. The Hideous Veil of Innocence
3. Under the Scourge of Lamashtu
4. Catharsis Through Torment
5. Unmerciful Imperial Majesty
6. Illuminator
7. The Ominous Silence
8. Ascension
9. Shadows of the Nephilim
10. Trinity
11. Sourverain
12. Eternal

Sourverain is available digitally on most streaming platforms such as Bandcamp & the CD can be ordered on Godz Ov War Productions website here. You can find out more about Atrexial on Facebook & listen to some of their music on YouTube. You can also check out Godz Ov War Productions over on Facebook too.

Atrexial - Souverain (Godz Ov War Productions)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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