Horror Movie Review: Exhibit A (2007)

Exhibit A is a different kind of horror movie. A horror that deals with the psychological issues that come from life’s increasing pressures. A found-footage movie that promises an original take on the sub-genre. However, it ends up being just like every other…except this is easier to watch.

Exhibit A 6

The plot surrounds the King family. Husband & wife, Andy (Bradley Cole) & Sheila (Angela Forrest) & their two teenage children Judith (Brittany Ashworth) & Joe (Oliver Lee). Judith has just received a replacement handheld camera so uses it to document her family’s life as well as spying on the next-door neighbour.

The family seem happy, even more so when Andy gets a promotion at work. This means their planned move to the seaside can finally take place. We see all this through the lens of the camera & instantly something appears off about Andy. He’s hiding a secret, a terrible secret that when revealed threatens to tear the family apart.

Exhibit A 1

The less said about the story, the better although the idiotic DVD cover gives way too much away effectively neutering the ending. This is a movie all about building tension towards it’s gripping finale & it does it so well, mostly.

The King family are a mixed bunch of actors. Bradley Cole as Andy is the standout of the bunch & it is depressing to see him slip further & further as the movie goes on. One particular scene at a neighbourhood party sees him dancing like a crazy person after an uncomfortable confrontation. The camera holds on him for such a long time as everyone awkwardly stares.

Another scene sees him getting angrier & angrier at Joe who fails to set up an embarrassing fall correctly for the camera. Why? So, they can submit the tape to a clip show & earn some money. It’s all very uncomfortable to watch even though Andy’s secret isn’t fully revealed until near the end. Although it does becomes fairly obvious once Judith discovers a bag full of scratch cards hidden in the shed.

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It’s an original idea wrapped up in an un-original format (found-footage) & rarely bores. The only time it doesn’t quite hit is with scenes revolving around Judith & her obsession with the next-door neighbour. It’s not a revelation when she is outed as being gay as the film goes to great lengths to make it so obvious!

Exhibit A 3

The indie style of the movie works well with the story content. The gloomy British weather casting a constant dark feel to proceedings. Those hoping for a happy ending would be best looking elsewhere. Exhibit A is a harrowing watch, one that will leave you feeling quite despondent afterwards.


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