Album Review: Anvil – Legal At Last (AFM Records)

When it comes to virtues such as endurance, unconditional commitment and a thoroughly down-to-earth attitude, Anvil are the measure of all things. Like few other metal acts, the band surrounding founding members Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow (vocals, guitars) and Robb Reiner (drums), plus bassist Chris Robertson have earned their laurels of blood, sweat and tears.

Since their 2009 documentary film The Story Of Anvil which revealed the unvarnished truth about the music industry, the world has been aware that the day-to-day life of most musicians doesn’t consist of MTV Awards, Grammy ceremonies, red carpets, champagne and caviar but mainly of energy-sapping tours with little sleep, junk food and meagre earnings. Yet these difficult conditions have made Anvil what they are today: a band that stands rock solid in the turbulent waters of a musical genre that produces music like no other, by fans for fans.

Now, Anvil are set to release their new album ‘Legal At Last’ on 14th February 2020, via AFM Records.

If there is one thing Anvil are known for (musically at least), it is for staying true to their roots. An undying and endearing dedication to heavy metal, the trio certainly aren’t going to surprise many with Legal At Last but that’s fine.

What we have here is 12 tracks of blistering heavy metal with Anvil’s trademark tongue in cheek approach visible here and there. From the celebratory groove of the title track (Canada changed its marijuana laws last year). To the doomier riffing of Gasoline and hyper-activity of Food for the Vulture, Anvil certainly takes the listener on a who’s who of their history while keeping one eye on the future.

It’s a good album. Not a great album but a good album that is a solid 50-odd minute time waster. One that delivers plenty of feel good heavy moments, moody reflections and hair-raising groove to satisfy most metal hungers.

Anvil – Legal at Last Full Track Listing:

1. Legal At Last
2. Nabbed In Nebraska
3. Chemtrails
4. Gasoline
5. I’m Alive
6. Talking To The Wall
7. Glass House
8. Plastic In Paradise
9. Bottom Line
10. Food For The Vulture
11. When All’s Been Said And Done
12. No Time (Bonus Track)


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Anvil - Legal At Last (AFM Records)
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