Album Review: Antiverse – Under the Regolith (Seeing Red Records)

Antiverse, is a barrage of Death Thrash, with a bit of Black Metal leanings for good measure. Having self-released their debut album, Cosmic Horror, to much critical acclaim, Seeing Red Records are proud to be a part of Antiverse’s next chapter, Under the Regolith. Out on October 19th 2018.

Sadly, during the writing and recording of this album the band received devastating news that bassist, Jason Bauer, was facing a stage 4 cancer diagnosis… Despite this extremely difficult hardship, the band have rallied around their brother and Jason has continued to write, record, and perform with Antiverse.

Seeing Red Records will donate $1 for every digital download or CD purchased via the Seeing Red Records Bandcamp Page to contribute to Jason Bauer’s Cancer Treatment.

Antiverse 2

Under the Regolith is a heavy album. An album built around raging thrash riffs and death metal savagery. Two areas of metal that works so well together, the added layer of black metal darkness certainly doesn’t do any harm either.

In fact, Under the Regolith gets off to a flyer with an opening set of songs that offer wicked heaviness in the beat, catchy guitar rhythm and skin-crawling vocals. If Ghostwinds doesn’t get the head banging along you should probably go see a doctor.

That’s nothing compared to the excellence that is the title track. The guitars are out of this world here and this song stands proudly amongst the best of death metal released this year. In fact, the whole album can stand proudly amongst the best death releases this year. By time Derelicts and Shunned House come along, you’ll be thoroughly spent but so satisfied.

Antiverse 1

Antiverse – Under the Regolith Full Track Listing:

1. Hallucigenia
2. Crimson Codex
3. Ghostwinds
4. Black Waves Of Sorcery
5. Subject Six
6. Under The Regolith
7. Diaspora
8. Derelicts
9. Shunned House



You can order the album now via Seeing Red Records here and find out more about Antiverse by checking them out over on their websiteFacebook and on Twitter.


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Antiverse - Under the Regolith (Seeing Red Records)
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