Album Review: A Joker’s Rage – The Rain Dance (Self Released)

It has been a long time coming for fans for Northern rock powerhouses A Joker’s Rage, but the news fans have been waiting for is finally here! Their debut album, The Rain Dance, will be released this Autumn, specifically on the 25th of October 2019.

A Joker’s Rage is a four-piece genre-disrupting rock band from the North of England that fuses heavy riffs with dance grooves and theatrical influences. Imagine a young Spandau Ballet in facepaint playing Metallica’s instruments, writing songs that not only rock the masses but hypnotically induce any stale audience into a frenzied dance party and you’re a bit closer to understanding the message.

The Rain Dance follows on from the band’s two previous EP’s and the 2018 single Ballet To The Masses – A Joker’s Rage’s tribute to one of their heroes, Freddie Mercury.

Not exactly wowing with the opener, Temptress. What we get is a catchy but very repetitive starter. One that lacks inspiration if we are honest. Yes, the chorus is easy to sing along too and the riffs have a dance kind of groove to them but it just doesn’t land.

A Joker’s Rage turn it up for Shylock though, the riffs getting that little bit heavier and the rhythm really hitting its rock stride. They follow that by mixing mellow melody and rockier choruses for My Heroes. Some thought-provoking lyrics there is followed by the more straight-forward but undeniably catchy, The One.

With tracks like these, A Joker’s Rage has the chance to really turn heads within the rock mainstream. Although the likes of Secrets with its grandness, Bounce and its infectious guitar groove and the nastier, heavier punch of Screaming With the Lights Out certainly don’t change that.

It would be a near perfect modern rock album if it wasn’t for the occasional dud. Meant to Be, This Dance and Hideaway all doing very little. The latter in particular is very bland.

Of course, the talent in this band make up for that with aforementioned Freddy Mercury tribute track, Ballet the Masses. A wonderfully fun and touching tribute to a legendary vocalist and had the album ended there we’d have been fine but it doesn’t.

Happily it doesn’t because we then get arguably the best track on the record in Stars Align. A comforting finish that has the ability to make you puff your chest out that little bit more and stand that little bit taller.

A Joker’s Rage – The Rain Dance Full Track Listing:

1. Temptress
2. Shylock
3. My Heroes
4. The One
5. Meant to Be
6. Secrets
7. Bounce
8. This Dance
9. Screaming With the Lights Out
10. Hideaway
11. Ballet the Masses
12. Stars Align


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A Joker's Rage - The Rain Dance (Self Released)
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