Album Review: Blodhemn – Mot Ein Evig Ruin (Soulseller Records)

Soulseller Records presents the new album of Norwegian Black Metallers Blodhemn, formed by sole member Invisus in 2004.

Following the debut EP ”Brenn Alle Bruer” (2010) and the two albums “Holmengraa” (2012) and “H7” (2014), Blodhemn’s third full-length “Mot Ein Evig Ruin” was forged in one of the capitols of Nordic metal, Bergen.

Mot Ein Evig Ruin will be released on February 15th 2019.

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There’s power in Blodhemn and across 8 tracks they unleash it upon all who listen to Mot Ein Evig Ruin.

From the moment Det Gjekk EIn Faen kicks in it’s pretty clear that Blodhemn also leans towards a thrashy sound as much as it is rooted in black metal. The riffing and hyperactive paces of the guitars are all the proof you need.

This does mean those looking for an icy cold form of black metal will be left wanting here but those looking for a fiery blast will be very satisfied. Dogenikt and Ostfront are fury personified and will give the heaviest of thrash bands out there a run for their money.

It’s not without a track or two that are dripping in traditional black metal noise though as Nordhavs Speil hellish rhythm and vocals shine. While Uante Krefter I Fra Nord is hate-fuelled, angry and desperate for you to know it. The longest track on the album it does get a bit meandering after a while though.

This brings us to the biggest issue with Blodhemn’s Mot Ein Evig Ruin. It’s just not very interesting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a quality combination of thrash and black metal that many will find perfectly enjoyable. It’s just unlikely that anyone is going to remember it long-term.

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Blodhemn – Mot Ein Evig Ruin Full Track Listing:

1. Ruin (Intro)
2. Det Gjekk Ein Faen
3. Dogenikt
4. Ostfront
5. Nordhavs Speil
6. Uante Krefter I Fra Nord
7. Dra Te’ Helvete
8. Mot Midnatt

The album can be ordered via Soulseller Records here and merchandise can be ordered via Big Cartel. Keep up to date with news and find out more by checking out Blodhemn’s Facebook Page.


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Blodhemn - Mot Ein Evig Ruin (Soulseller Records)
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