Horror Short Review: Treaters (2017)

Gleefully fun and gorgeous to look at, Treaters is an excellent horror short from writer Natalie Conway and writer/director Peter Stanley-Ward.

It opens with two kids on Halloween night waiting for a third. This kid is a bit of an unknown as one says they met online. About to give up, the mysterious third child arrives wearing a creepy clown mask and the three set off to their destination.

Which is? A local candy store which the kids plan to rob. They need to be careful though as the owner doesn’t take kindly to intruders.

Brilliant. Treaters is brilliant. It looks fantastic, really creepy and gothic. The classy film-making will constantly get nods of approval as we move scene to scene. Each new one revealing even more to much excitement.

The story is sound too. At first it’s not clear just what the kids are up too and when it is revealed, it will elect cheers. Who hasn’t wanted free reign in a candy shop!?

Of course this is a horror short so it’s no surprise when the horror begins. Although it does it build up towards it well. Part of the joy being that it’s clear something is not right with the clown-masked kid and we’re just awaiting the reveal. Something that delivers too.

Enough of us telling you how good it is. Check it out yourself below.

Treaters (2017)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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