A (tongue in cheek) Analysis of a Gig Layout

We here at GBHBL have many years of experience gained at gigs across the country (and some internationally) as well as at gigs that cover a wide range of genres within heavy metal from bands like Bowling For Soup and The Offspring to Devildriver and Cradle of Filth with a bit of everything in between. The image below is something I have put together, purely for fun, which gives a little insight into how live music has changed for me and just generally at modern metal gigs.

Please keep in mind, this is just a joke though – I am very aware that different venues, whether it is indoors, the type of band etc… all impact how the crowd behave but I am sure we can all see something we recognise here and hopefully smile about it.

For me, and probably most of you, I love my bands, cds, t-shirts and tattoos but it is and will always be the live environment that best sums up what heavy metal is all about.

Unfortunately I had a lot to say so you may need to stretch/zoom in to get to read the text.

Enjoy 🙂

Stage Zones





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