13 Days of Halloween: Horror Short Review: Happy Halloween (2021)

From Well-Versed Entertainment, written and directed by Mike Heslin, comes Happy Halloween. A horror short that will make you think twice before answering the door to anyone this Halloween.

Starring Brooks Brantly, Luciana Faulhaber, Harrison Lee, Truman Lee, Sky Toronto and Nic Wilson. A young couple are relaxing at home, dealing with the occasional trick or treater. Calling it a night on giving out candy, they settle in to enjoy A Nightmare on Elm Street (on a projector) but that is short-lived as the doorbell rings.

The man gets up to give out some candy but no-one is there. Of course, we know how this goes. He sits back down and this time someone knocks. A bit annoyed, he gets back up and opens the door to find a person dressed in black and wearing a creepy mask standing there. Someone who looks way too old to be trick or treating.

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Want to find out what happens next? Check it out yourself below to find out.

Everything about this short is unoriginal but it’s done in such an impressive way, it’s impossible to not love it. From the initial set-up and introduction of the characters, to the reveal and look of the villain, to the disturbing final shot. Happy Halloween is a great example of a familiar tale being given a fresh and exciting injection of horror.



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Happy Halloween (2021)
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