Horror Movie Review: Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone (1989)

A shot-on-video (SOV) comedy horror, Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone is a bad movie. Not a ‘so bad it’s good movie’, although it does have its moments. The thing is, for all its crapness, it really should be seen because it’s just so damn wacky.

The plot is utter nonsense, near impossible to follow and filled with ridiculous and pointless scenes. Such as the mid-point, lengthy poetry reading that will have you wondering what the hell you’re watching.

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You’re watching Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone and hoping to see some disgusting spaceworms eat everyone. Fear not, you will and provided you can enjoy the no-budget effects, there’s plenty of flesh eating to see.

There’s no getting away from just how little money was spent on this movie. It’s as clear as the cars moving on the LA freeway behind a reporter as she declares the roads are jammed with desperate people trying to escape the worms. Is this supposed to be funny? Why she is shouting? It’s just one of the many questions you’ll ask as you burrow into this movie.

These spaceworms like to pop up everywhere, digging their way into bodies. People die but one particular guy ends up becoming possessed by the worms. He’s the film’s villain, sort of. It’s hard to tell, the movie is such a mess and most will still be thinking about the lengthy poetry jam intermission to focus. Was that part supposed to be funny? It might bill itself as a ‘comedy horror’ but comedy is not something this film does well. Nor does it do horror well, either.

So, what does it do well? The music, kind of. The recording quality is trash, obviously, but there’s some weird stuff going on that makes it more fun. A mix of avant-garde noise and punk rock, it’s hard to hear a lot of the time over the crackling audio for the dialogue, but it is there.

Oh, there’s also a long anecdote about a dead cat that isn’t dead and cocaine might be the only thing that can destroy these spaceworms. Seriously, no review can do the madness of this movie justice. It really is something you have to see for yourself.

Disgusting Spaceworms Eat Everyone
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