13 Days of Halloween: Horror Q&A: She Must Burn

Hailing from London, England, She Must Burn erupted from the confines of modern genres and set a new tone for metal as we know it, amassing hordes of followers with their captivating live performances.

With the release of their first self-titled EP, a unique sound of beauty and beast exploded, quickly bringing attention to the quintet and resulting in the band being handpicked by black metal giants Cradle of Filth to accompany them during the UK leg of their Inquisitional Torture Tour.

In 2017 the band signed with Artery Recordings, releasing their full-length debut in the form of Grimoire. This saw them embark on a six-week tour of the USA, (alongside CARNIFEX, RINGS OF SATURN, and LORNA SHORE), with the record entering at #6 in the US Billboard Hard Chart. Upon returning to the UK they delivered a highly anticipated performance at the hallowed grounds of Download Festival.

In 2018, founding members, JAMES THREADWELL and FRANK KEATING united with the talents of KYLE LAMB, JACK HIGGS, STEVE PADLEY and VALIS VOLKOVA, and began work on what is their most explosive release to date; Umbra Mortis. In 2019 they released the albums first single ‘Of Blood & Bone’.

Following the single release, in February 2020 She Must Burn played a sold out headline show at the Black Heart in London. After their successful return, the band planned to release their highly anticipated album later that year. However, due to the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, they instead chose to bide their time and postpone the release until extensive touring was once again viable.

Since 2017, She Must Burn have accumulated over 750K video plays and over two million streams across their previous releases with over 150k plays on their comeback single alone.

The new album, Umbra Mortis was released on October 14th, 2022. You can read our review here.

Halloween Horror Q&A

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1. Happy Halloween! Tell us, what is your perfect Halloween night?

Happy Halloween and Samhain Blessings! My perfect Halloween is a cosy night in with a candle-lit, plant-based feast and homemade mulled wine. I enjoy partaking in traditional pagan traditions, such as leaving apples outside for the deceased, and setting an extra placemat on the dining table for my Nanna and my dear friend Miles, who are no longer with us.

2. What is the perfect Halloween horror to put on?


3. In our best Ghostface voice – what’s your personal favourite scary movie and why?

Insidious – It’s just a masterpiece! The writing, the story, the acting, the sound scape: everything is beautifully done!

4. What’s your earliest memory of seeing a horror movie?

I think the first horror movie I saw was The Ring. I was never allowed to watch it, but I did anyway, of course.

5. Have you ever experienced something unusual or unexplainable in real life?

Plenty of times! I like to say the universe has a great sense of humour. I once did a Ouija board for a bit of fun, but then it spelt out “OPERA” and it really freaked me out… I haven’t gone anywhere near one since.

6. What’s the best modern horror you’ve seen recently?

The Nun.

7. What is your favourite type of horror?

Psychological horror and ghost stories.

8. What’s a horror cliché that you just can’t stand?

When all of the light switches miraculously stop working with no explanation…. Just no.

9. Freddy, Michael or Jason? Who is your favourite and why?

Team Freddy! I don’t like the silent type.

10. 70s sleaze or 80s cheese. What’s your poison and why?

80s cheese. I just find it more entertaining and weirdly uplifting.

11. Would you rather: spend a night in 112 Ocean Avenue (Amityville) or Hill House (The Haunting/The Haunting of Hill House)?

Hill House.

12. Would you rather: ‘play a game’ (Saw) or be ‘shown such sights’ (Hellraiser)?

Show me the sights!

13. Would you rather: have a good guy doll (Chucky) or an Annabelle doll (Annabelle/The Conjuring)?

Annabelle literally gives me the heeby jeebies, so I’ll take Chucky.

14. Would you rather: be stuck in the Burkittsville, Maryland woods (Blair Witch) or stuck in the caves of the Appalachian Mountains (The Descent)?

I’m claustrophobic, so I’ll take my chances with the witch. Who knows, we could be related…

15. Would you rather: be hunted by the Predator or by the Alien?

Alien. At least I could feel like Ellen Ripley for a few moments before brutally dying…

16. What character would you be in a traditional slasher movie (the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader, the final girl etc)?

I would 100% be the final girl, firing laser beams from my nipples or something. One day I will live out that fantasy. Movie producers, hit me up. Haha.


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