13 Days of Halloween Horror Interview: Alexandre Brochu (NecroticGoreBeast)

As part of 2019’s 13 Days of Halloween, we here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life thought it would be fun to see if some of the bands and artists we love had any interest in horror. It turns out quite a lot do so we turned it into an interview.

1. First things first…introduce yourself please!

Hi! Thanks for having me as a guest! I am the bassist and founder of the Canadian brutal death metal band NecroticGoreBeast.

2. What are your top 3 favourite horror movies and why?

It (remake). It sounds odd to love a remake more than the original but this one is perfect. Great vibe, great characters development and amazing story buildup. And it’s one of the best movies to have a climax in broad daylight!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003). Man, that movie was awesome! Great visuals, great acting (who wasn’t freaked out by R. lee Ermey acting??) and the good ingredients of a slasher movie.

It’s not pure horror but 28 Weeks Later was something to see. I was totally freaking out the way it started and when everything turned to total disaster. It was already something to do a sequel to 28 Days Later and try to top Danny Boyle but I think that it just did!

Honorable mention to “Sur le seuil” produced/written by our very own Patrick Senecal. This movie is totally insane!


3. Do you remember your first experience with horror? Was it at a young age?

Yeah it was in 1988 I was 6 years old and we were playing Friday the 13th on Commodore 64 at my cousins house. That same night I saw from the upper stairs a glimpse of the beginning of Friday the 13th Chapter Part VI: Jason Lives. I remember the scene where they dug out Jason and his mask was full of worms. I can guarantee you that that night I had one hell of a nightmare!

4. What era of horror is your favourite & why?

To me each era has it’s classics but I think that the 80’s influenced a lot of what we are seeing today (and a lot of remake too) so I’d go with this era.

5. What frightens or creeps you out in horror?

When an protagonist gets mutilated. Like that scene in House of Wax where she gets her finger cut off, that creeps me out badly!

6. Who is your horror inspiration? Be it a director/actor/author etc.

Hard one but I’d go with Wes Craven.


7. Do you enjoy modern horror or do you look to the past for your fix?

I really enjoy modern horror! There is classics that will always be on top like Friday the 13th and A nightmare on Elm Street, but there is definitely a lot of great new directors with fresh ideas.

8. What horror movie is universally beloved that you just don’t like?

I think that I won’t get any friends with this one but I really don’t like the original Evil Dead.

9. If you could shoot one horror cliché/trope into the sun to never be used again. What would it be?

When you see a character acting normally and thinking he’s talking to one of his friends when it’s actually the killer in the back waiting for the idiot to realize that it’s not his friend who’s there. …laaame!

10. Same question but about type/style. What type or style of horror would you happily never watch again?

Teen horror for sure!

11. What gets you excited when watching horror?

A story so captivating and unpredictable that it makes you guess till the end of the movie what’s going to happen (I hate bad endings but they tend to break cliches which is good).

12. Have you had any real life scary experiences? We’re talking supernatural or something that can’t be reasonably explained.

Ah well no but I know a couple of relatives that played Ouija and said that they saw a ghost rocking in a chair. But I definitely don’t believe in that sh*t but they make good horror movies!

Quickfire Questions

1. Favourite overall franchise (3 or more movies)?

Saw, Final Destination and Friday the 13th!

2. Most memorable character death?

Alien coming out of stomach scene for sure!

3. Best horror twist?

The ending of the first Saw.

4. Favourite Stephen King book?


5. Best remake of a horror movie?

Evil Dead (2013).

6. Worst remake of a horror movie?

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).

7. Favourite horror villain?

Jason Voorhees.

8. It’s Halloween night…you settle down with some popcorn to watch…what?

Friday the 13th Parts 1 to 4 with home made nachos!

We’d like to thank Alexandre of NecroticGoreBeast for taking the time to speak with us. You can find our more about the band by checking out their Facebook Page here.