Top 10 masks that you should wear in Majora’s Mask

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a very under-rated game. Imagine how tough it must have been to follow the excellent Ocarina of Time! Majora’s Mask did a wonderful job of creating a whole new world to enjoy while holding true to the core Zelda gameplay.

Lots of unique features were added to the game including the mask mechanic. There are 24 for you to collect & while some of them are necessary to progress in game others are not but give unique abilities or allow you to access certain areas that you normally couldn’t get into.

This 10 things….will cover the 10 I think you should hunt down (I will also add a bit where it is found).

No. 10 – Bomb Mask


A strange one in that its use may seem negative, once worn it can be used like a normal bomb destroying anything that a normal bomb would except Link is wearing it so he will take damage. It’s useful if you’re short on bombs but useless if you’re short on health.

You can find this one by stopping the robber who steals the bag of bombs from the old lady on the night of Day 1 (Just after 12AM from the North Gate). Save her bombs & she will gift it to you. Make sure you use only the sword to stop him as anything else will blow the bag of bombs up rendering the mask un-obtainable for the cycle.

No. 9 – Mask of Truth


A mask with sinister connections that turned up in Ocarina of Time. Wearing it will allow Link to speak with the stones of truth as well as hearing the thoughts of animals when held over his head. This is used to gain a heart piece from the dog race track as Link can hear which one plans to give it his all.

To get this mask Link must defeat all gold skulltulas in the swamp spider house & collect all their tokens. The cursed man who gave the quest will give it to Link.

No. 8 – Romani Mask


There isn’t much use for this mask compared to some of the others except it does allow you access to the late night milk bar! A number of quests are related to getting into the milk bar including another mask. Wearing the mask confirms Link as a member of the exclusive late night club.

To get it requires that first you have defended the cows from the ghosts on Romani’s Ranch on Day 1. Then before 6PM on the 2nd day go back & help Romani deliver the milk defending the cart from bandits. She will then give you the mask as a reward.

No. 7 – All-Night Mask


The creepiest looking mask of the bunch, the all-night mask is used to gain 2 heart pieces by staying awake during the old ladies stories. She will ask 2 questions once finished that Link must answer correctly to gain the pieces. Without the mask Link will fall asleep through boredom meaning she will be annoyed with you instead.

It’s not very hard to get…as long as you stopped the bomb thief on Day 1 come the final day it will be available to buy in the Curiosity shop for 500 rupees.

No. 6 – Postman’s Hat


I quite like the quest used to get this hat which is why I include it even though it has very little use. Once worn Link can access the postboxes around Clock Town which will gain him a heart piece & rupees.

To get it Link must deliver the priority mail gained from another quest to the postman who afterwards is released from duty allowing him to give Link his hat.

No. 5 – Gibdo Mask


An extremely useful mask that when worn allows Link to pass by Gibdos & redeads without them attacking him. I can’t stress how useful this is at certain points of the game just don’t un-equip when near one!

It takes some work to get this mask. When Link first enters Spring Water Cave which is where the empty riverbed leads he encounters Sharp who plays a song that damages Link. To stop him you must play the Song of Storms which floods the cave & fills in the river making the Music Box House to start playing songs that force the local redeads to disappear. Sneak into the Music Box House into the basement to find the little girls father who is turning into a Gibdo. Play the Song of Healing & he will be cured gifting you the mask.

No. 4 – Garo’s Mask


For a normal mask (non-transformation) this mask is actually necessary as you can not pass through into the land of Ikana without it. As well as having that use it also reveals who were the bandits attacking the wagon when you were defending it for Romani & when worn around redeads will force them to start dancing meaning they won’t attack you.

Easy to get, just beat the Gorman brothers in a horse race.

No. 3 – Kafei’s Mask/Couples Mask



Ok I realise this is actually 2 different masks but trust me they are both part of the same lengthy quest that I had to include them together. One is given at the start & the 2nd is your reward for finishing the quest. Kafei’s mask is used to ask townspeople about his whereabouts while the couples mask is used on the mayor to gain a heart piece. Not much use beyond that but the quest is excellent & spans the entire 3 in-game days. Well worth doing….

To get Kafei’s mask just speak with Kafei’s mother in the Mayor’s residence. Easy….to get the couples mask though you have to compete the trading quest. It’s is far too lengthy for me to post here & there are many great guides already on the net but know that the aim is reunite Kafei & Anju & in relation to the end of the 3-days it is a close run thing.

No. 2 – Stone Mask


For me this is the 2nd most useful mask in the game allowing you walk past most enemies unharmed & past most characters in the game. Very useful!

To get Link must use the Lens of Truth to see the Clock Town soldier lying amongst the stones on the road to Ikana. Give him a red or blue potion to energise him & he will give you the mask in return.

No.1 – The Bunny Hood


Another mask that also turned up in Ocarina of Time though its use this time is way better. Wearing it allows Link to move a lot faster & jump a lot further. That is why it is my number 1 mask you should seek out. Getting it isn’t too tough either…

To get the mask Link must wear the Bremen mask in the Cucco shack of Romani Ranch. Parading about in the mask will have all the Cuccos grow up suddenly making the character involved very happy. So happy he will gift you the Bunny Hood!

So there are 10 that add a little something else to the game. The others not mentioned here all have their uses as well so make sure you collect them all!


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