Album Review: Asylum 8 – Repressed (Inverse Records)

Asylum 8 is a 6-piece band from Kuopio, Finland. Their music is a combination of ruthless modern death metal and EDM tunes. Their new album is called Repressed & it will be released on November 10th 2017 via Inverse Records.

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Repressed is an album that is certainly all about good feelings. At the Edge of My Mind has an upbeat catchy tune that has a fun blend of electronic melodies & a harder metal sound. It’s followed by the short thumping groove of Acceptance & the dance-inducing Disarray.

Many hardcore metal fans might be put off by the use of EDM throughout but Repressed offers enough hard riffing & death metal hooks to please almost everyone. A lot of that is helped by the crunching heaviness of the drumming & the guttural vocals. Tracks like Deliverance & Passing have as much heaviness throughout as they do upbeat electronic beats.

Repressed finishes up with a surprising cover of the David Hasslehoff song, True Survivor. It’s an interesting idea especially with the flashes of death metal roaring but that is about it. An odd choice.

Asylum 8 2

Asylum 8 – Repressed Full Track Listing:

1. Thanatophobia
2. At the Edge of My Mind
3. Acceptance
4. Disarray
5. My Lamentation
6. Deliverance
7. Passing
8. True Survivor (David Hasslehoff Cover)

You can pick up the album via Inverse Records & pick up Deliverance now on Bandcamp where the album will be available too. You can keep up to date with news & find out more about Asylum 8 via their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Listen to some of their music now on Soundcloud & YouTube.

Asylum 8 - Repressed (Inverse Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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