Why Do You Need To Be Tech Savvy in the Music Industry In 2021?

Like everything else in the world, the music industry has moved along with the rest of the world into the digital age. Everyone in the arts and culture sector has become far more tech savvy and it is an artist’s only option to keep up. Otherwise, they would fall off and never be heard from again. However, there is still room for local bands and performers to play in the local venues but if you want to hit it big, you do need to be more technologically advanced. Below, we talk about why you need to adapt and bring your musical ability into the digital age.

Streaming Has Bought The Music Industry Online

Yes, streaming sites and platforms like Spotify have forced the hand of many artists. Some musicians and performers have been able to adapt, others haven’t. To become a producer or an artist, you do need to have high tech equipment now to ensure you get the best sound. You also need it to ensure you get your music heard. Audio files can be pinged out left, right and center now through email and other avenues.

You can submit new tracks that you’ve produced and recorded to Spotify and other platforms through submission forms and other ways. This has made it easier for those who sit and record their music from their home studio. This is a growing trend for many artists and producers, but it can sometimes not be cost effective. Now, we’re not completely against the idea of recording your music at home, but there are more money savvy ways of doing it.

Using a music recording studio

A lot of artists who have made it in the industry or are about to get their big break are often found in Los Angeles. This is where they like to set up due to the facilities available to them. Yes, there has been a trend in people setting up their technology at home, but a music studio offers you so much more. It is also far more cost effective, and you get all the tech you need to produce your tunes.

Music recording studios are popping up all over the world. The fact that they provide all the newest and up to date technology means that your music production and recording can go down without a hitch. In fact, sites like  PIRATE provide at least two recording studios in Los Angeles which are technologically advanced enough to have everything you need. It’s all self service and the professional equipment is available for free. This is a brilliant way of keeping up with all the new technology without spending loads of money. Just make sure you do a bit of research about which technology does what before you go!

You Need To Be Online For People To Hear Your Music

Having touched on streaming platforms earlier in the piece, you also need to be online to ensure you can begin networking. Social media tools like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as the newest platform TikTok are great ways of getting your music out there. You just need to learn how to use it, that is the most important part.

Going viral on TikTok or Facebook can be great for your career. Others will use it as a platform just to be on. Social media is definitely one of those things that you are missing out on if you are not on it. The same counts for LinkedIn. Depending on your brand and how you want to come across and approach others if you have started your own record label, LinkedIn could be great for your standing in the industry.

You can message agents, labels and other musicians in order to reach out to them. In the past year, for obvious reasons, social networking has been ‘make or break’ for many artists.

All Technology is Important

Evidently, all technology is vital to ensure that you or your client is able to succeed in the music industry. There have been many reasons as to why some people don’t make it and why some people do. Technology, or a lack of, can definitely be a deciding factor. Whether it is software and social media nous, which allows you to connect with others, or a lack of, it’s playing a major role.

It is not just software though, you also need the right hardware. Professional and non-faulty equipment is needed when producing your latest track. Imagine you put all the effort into writing and recording your perfect song and the microphone breaks. All your hard work is ruined and you are looking for a new mic. Maybe the audio converter did not work? This can happen in a home studio. That’s why it is best to find a tech savvy music studio to ensure you don’t miss out on your big break.


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