What We Know So Far About the Upcoming Minecraft Movie

When Minecraft was first released all those years ago I don’t think anyone could have predicted how popular it would become. But most of all I do not think a single person in existence would have ever thought we would one day be seeing a Minecraft movie.

Yet on the 27th of February in 2014 Mojang studios shocked the world by announcing that a Minecraft movie was now in the works. And fans of the game have been awaiting it ever since. But it has now been eight years since that fateful day and the fans are still waiting. So what is going on with the Minecraft movie? And is it ever going to be released?

The Huge Delay

The first thing we should address is the huge delay the movie has suffered. Originally the movie was slated for release in 2019. But as we all know, that didn’t happen. Movies aren’t easy to make. It isn’t altogether uncommon for films to end up delayed for months or sometimes even years.

The Minecraft movie was originally going to be directed by Shawn Levy, who is most famous for being the primary producer on Stranger Things. He and his main writing team soon left the project and was replaced by Rob McElhenney, the creator of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. With Rob on the team production started to move ahead at a good pace. The studio even felt confident enough to now announce the release year.

But the film was plagued with continuous issues. Many key writers, artists, actors, and producers kept having to be replaced. Eventually Rob McElhenney stepped away from the project leading to it being put on indefinite hold in 2018. 

The Global Pandemic 

The studio didn’t keep the movie on hold for too long. By 2019 they had gotten a new team involved and announced the film would be released in 2022. Fans everywhere were excited and the future looked bright for the Minecraft movie. But as we all know, 2020 was the year that changed absolutely everything.

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating for nearly every industry on the planet. Including the entertainment industry. Production on nearly every major motion picture was halted. And for a huge project like the Minecraft movie a delay like this was crippling. In 2020 the studio pulled the movie from the release schedule again and has not since provided another potential release date.

The Narrative

There has been a lot of speculation and rumor surrounding what the Minecraft movie is actually going to be about. Because Minecraft, the main game, has no real narrative of its own. Which is both a blessing and a curse. It means the writers and directors have a lot of creative freedom with which to play. But it also means the movie could end up being generic and uninspired without any source material to guide the writers.

What we can most likely be certain of is the character designs. Aside from the traditional blocky love that defines Minecraft we will most likely see the most popular Minecraft skins appearing as characters. One of Minecraft’s biggest selling points is that you can customize your character’s skin to look like anything you want. You can even design your own, but if you don’t have the artistic skills for that then you can find skins for Minecraft here at servers-minecraft.net.

Most Minecraft fans have been assuming that the Ender Dragon, the final boss of Minecraft, will be appearing in the movie in an antagonist position. Alongside that we will definitely be seeing some of Minecraft’s signature foes such as the Creeper and the Enderman.

The Current Production Team

The studio currently has a full production team said to be working on the project. The latest director is Jared Hess, known for directing films such as Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. He was attached to the project in April of 2022. 

There have been rumors that Jason Mamoa is in talks to star in the film. But beyond that there is very little information surrounding any of the potential voice actors. But there is much speculation within the Minecraft community that many popular Minecraft YouTubers will be asked to appear. This tactic was used in the production of Minecraft: Story Mode. A spinoff game produced by Telltale.


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