Single Slam – Paranoiac Personality by Alice Cooper (Paranormal)

Have you heard of Alice Cooper? Of course you have. The 69 year old rock veteran has released a new single called Paranoiac Personality. The single will feature on Alice Cooper’s new album due out on the 28th of July. That album will be called Paranormal and will be released via earMusic.

Alice Cooper has an astonishing 27 albums to his name either as a solo artist or part of the band, not including compilations. They go all the way from 1969 until, well, 2017 when Paranormal is released. That is one hell of a career. He has been the inspiration to so many rock and metal bands cited by The Sex Pistols, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Motley Crue, to name just a few.

The band Alice Cooper currently consists of Tommy Henriksen and Nita Strauss on rhythm guitars. Chuck Garric is on the bass and Ryan Roxie is the lead guitarist. All guitarists also add backing vocals. Glen Sobel looks after the drums and, of course, Alice Cooper is the frontman.

Paranoiac Personality

Paranoiac Personality is just over 3 minutes long and is a really neat rock song. It’s a guitar driven, mid tempo rock tune with a strong and smooth riff. A gentle bass line introduces the track before Cooper’s recognisable tone comes in. A real foot tapper or head nodding rhythm leads us through. Loads of additional backing vocals add strength and depth where needed and there is a pretty decent blues like solo that I really like too.

It’s a good song – a strong rock song and exactly what you would expect to hear from Alice Cooper. If I had to put a negative down, I would probably say that it is about as stereotypical an Alice Cooper song as you could imagine. There isn’t a lot here that you won’t have already heard before.

Still, there is nothing at all wrong with a good solid rock song and it is great to see a rock legend still pushing out strong songs in his later years.

Paranoiac Personality is good enough to get you excited for the new album. As well as this single, Paranormal will also feature two brand new tracks recorded with all original Alice Cooper band members. if that isn’t enough, the album will also feature 6 bonus live tracks. Pretty sweet deal right?

Check Paranoiac Personality out for yourself here. Maybe look at preordering the new album from the links below. Be sure to check out Alice Cooper on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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Paranoiac Personality by Alice Cooper (Paranormal)
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