Weekly Release Roundup – Friday, 5th July, 2024

From alternative rock to black metal, to death metal and post rock, to thrash, and progressive rock, it’s a big week for releases and we’ve got a list for you to check out. All these releases are out today!

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Amongst Liars – By Design (Self Released)

By Design isn’t a million miles away from the debut record of course, but there are certainly elements that show Amongst Liar’s progression. They’ve learned plenty over the past few years, finding a way to be even more anthemic, while continuing to push alt-rock boundaries and deliver meaningful music and lyrics. This is the sound of Amongst Liar’s getting more mainstream, and the ten (eleven with an intro) tracks of this album will have widespread appeal.

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Liminal Shroud – Visions of Collapse (Willowtip Records)

A band known for their incredible abilities to bring the blackened fire and fury, while also incorporating a ton of atmosphere. Liminal Shroud are back for another exhaustive trawl through the murky depths of black metal. Featuring an array of harsh and horrible sounds, but with deeper rivets of melody, and even more soul-crushing atmosphere. Black metal at its most miserable sounding.

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Trauamatomy – Triumph Of Enslavement (Gore House Productions)

Get in, make a s**t-ton of noise, wreck some bodies, and get out. That’s the mantra of this EP, and the mindset of Traumatomy, who deliver five of the nastiest and brutalising death metal tracks heard this year.

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Million Moons – I May Be Some Time (Ripcord Records)

While they might not be the first to be inspired by the incredible story of Oates and that Antarctic expedition, they might be the first to use it for a full album concept. Across seven glorious, emotional, and epic pieces of music, Million Moons capture feelings of hope, despair, bravery, and so much more.

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Letallis – A Thousand And One Nights – Chapter 1 (Self Released)

Come on now, get those Disney Aladdin songs out of your head, this is a different kind of tale. For starters, Letallis are a heavy band with progressive elements, and this conceptual release is much darker.

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Terminal Sun – All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire (Self Released)

The level of thought and care that has gone into making this album feel so big, come across so dark, and be so addictive is immeasurable impressive. Terminal Sun have more than delivered on their debut album.

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Regicide – Resist Control (Self Released)

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a group of pissed off Brits with a chip on their shoulders playing some nasty sounding thrash metal. Say hello to Regicide and their banging debut album, Resist Control.

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