Weekly Release Roundup – Friday 28th June, 2024

From death metal to grindcore, to avant-garde and progressive rock, to thrash, slow rock, and bimbocore,  it’s a big week for releases and we’ve got a list for you to check out. All these releases are out today!

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Pijn – From Low Beams Of Hope (Floodlit Recordings)

Taking their avant-garde sound to an even greater level, Pijn showcase their mastery of melancholic, thought-provoking, and powerful music across four expansive and complex tracks. Each, as captivating and immersive as the other, and all electing a myriad of feelings.

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Wraith – Fueled By Fear (Prosthetic Records)

Classic thrash and heavy freaking metal with punk spirit, Wraith’s goal on this new album is really simple to understand. They want you head banging as hard as humanely possible. Something that comes very easy with 14-tracks of riffy, groovy, and furious sounding metal.

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Hemorrhoid – Raw Materials of Decay (Extremely Rotten Productions / Headsplit Records)

15-tracks long and coming in at around 25-minutes in length, it’s a grindcore special, with Hemorrhoid here to add their own brand of guttural filth to the overflowing sick bucket that is this particular scene.

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Scene Queen – Hot Singles In Your Area (Hopeless Records)

It’s an album packed with fun, sexy, and anthemic tracks. Liable to find certain sections of society clutching their pearls in shock. Which is pretty damn metal.

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Outlander – Acts of Harm (Church Road Records)

So, what exactly is slow rock, you might be wondering? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A bit shoegaze like, heavy on the atmosphere, suitably downbeat, but immersive and beautiful. This is how Outlander’s sophomore record can be defined, and if you fail to come away feeling nothing, you probably weren’t really listening. That’s how powerful this album is.

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Necronomicon Ex Mortis – You and Your Friends Are Dead: Game Over (Self Released)

Their third EP in just over a year, Necronomicon Ex Mortis are on a bit of a tear since forming and spilling plenty of blood along the way. Combining a love for the riff with garish death metal and horror films, their vitriolic ways are only matched by their desire to have some gory fun.

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200 Stab Wounds – Manual Manic Procedures (Metal Blade Records)

The hype is real. 200 Stab Wounds are a very special band, and are becoming leaders of death metal’s future. Fans of the extreme can’t miss out on hearing this slab of brilliance.

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Maziac – Test of Time (Self Released)

Maziac’s progression as artists has seen them find ways to sound more and more anthemic. All while not losing their progressive detail and heavy ways. Expectations met, but more importantly, expectations surpassed.

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Slugcrust – Discharge(d) (Terminus Hate City)

The equivalent of being hit by an 18-wheeler, left in a bloody mess, then as the life leaves your body, some malevolent creature emerges from the darkness to consume your remains. You can feel it too, but the carnage created by the smash, has left you incapable of screaming, so all you can do is silently beg for the pain and suffering to end as quickly as possible.

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Spawned from Hate – Elective Amputation (Brutal Mind)

Right up to the very end, they pummel the senses until everything is mush. It shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is, but that’s the quality Spawned from Hate exude. Elective Amputation might have been a long time coming, but it was well worth that wait.

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