Video Premiere: Strangers With Guns – Dial It Back

Describing themselves as a band in the mold of Faith No More, Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Rollins Band etc. Strangers With Guns are a 4-piece Irish rock band who have made a name for themselves within the Irish scene.

An album, an EP and a double EP has helped cement their name and now the group return with a brand new single called ‘Dial It Back’.

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The band describe the song as:

Being about stress essentially, and not running yourself into the ground and burning yourself out, because we’re all gonna die anyway, not to be bleak, just emphasising things are somewhat less significant and not worth stressing over if you keep the endgame in mind. Take a sick day, be late, who are your trying to impress, people feeling work guilt, fuck it.

It is the lead single off their upcoming album ‘All Pleasure Is Just Relief’ due out in the late summer. Check it out below:


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