Live Review: Boss Keloid at the Boston Music Rooms, London (19/11/21)

Well, that was fun… wasn’t it?

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As much as I would have loved to have been able to get there for opening act Morag Tong, life just wouldn’t allow it. A shame, as I am well aware of their quality.

A band I am much less familiar with though was Tuskar. A curiosity watch. 30 minutes later and I can now call myself a fan. A two-piece that play a very heavy amalgamation of stoner, sludge and doom, it’s rare that you see or hear any band capable of blowing Boss Keloid off the stage.

There was a point during Tuskar’s set, probably the third or fourth time the drummer had hit himself in the head, that I genuinely thought Boss Keloid could never follow this. My mind was blown and I wanted it to carry on past their 30-minute set. A two-piece shouldn’t sound this good, shouldn’t be able to craft and play such noise, shouldn’t be able to transfix a crowd as they did. I went in not knowing much about Tuskar and left swearing I will be there every time they play in London.

As I already said… few bands could follow Tuskar’s incredible set but Boss Keloid are in a league of their own. Fresh off their incredible showing at Damnation. London is the second date on a ten-date tour that had previously been rescheduled. As vocalist/guitarist Alex Hurst says – it’s good to have live music back.

The Boston Music Rooms is absolutely rocking for Boss Keloid. A collection of like-minded weirdos enjoying the vibrations that Boss Keloid exude. There’s dancing, there’s swaying, there’s head-banging and there’s even a pit or two. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen a pit at a Boss Keloid show.

Putting it simply, there’s not a single person standing still with their arms folded here. Not when they’re being subjected to the sound of Gentle Clovis, Hats the Mandrill, Grendle, Orang of Noyn and Chronosiam. All these tracks, but the last, are from the latest album, Family the Smiling Thrush. Which makes up the majority of the set, but for good reason. Aside from being their latest release, it is a gloriously brilliant album and Boss Keloid want to make it the forefront of their shows. Hence, why they decide to play Flatt Controller from it for the first time. It sounds immense but chances are you already know that.

It’s another excellent Boss Keloid show – does this band ever do anything that isn’t outstanding?

Boss Keloid at the Boston Music Rooms, London (19/11/21)
  • Boss Keloid - 10/10
  • Tuskar - 10/10
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