Video Premiere: Dictator Ship – Your Favorites Live In Concert

Sweden’s Dictator Ship absolutely nailed the lo-fi sound they were going for on their debut album, Your Favourites. Released back in April 2020 via The Sign Records, the hard rocking 4-piece perfectly captured the ‘live’ vibe. The album sounding as though it was recorded at some dive bar that saw Dictator Ship cause a little bit of chaos. You can read our full review here.

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If you’ve been desperately wanting to see what this album would be like in an actual live environment, the time has come… sort of.

Playing Your Favourites in full with a full seated crowd in attendance, COVID be damned, Dictator Ship bring us the energy that we need in the cold month of January.

Ok, so it’s not actually a crowd obviously but rather paper plates with faces drawn on them (look out for some stars at the front). Nor is this ‘live’ in the conventional sense but everything we know and love about Dictator Ship is here and present. From the tongue in cheek start of them leaving their dressing room to take to the stage, the crowd cheering and hollering for their heroes. To the black & white visuals with slight tracking lines for that VHS feel. To the sound that is quality while also putting you right there with them.

Oh, and this is the album in full. A near-30 minute hard rocking, good-time experience. Grab a beer and get your rock on. Check out the video below: