Top 10 Mobile Games Worth Picking Up

The mobile market side of gaming is a frustrating place. Trying to find the good amongst the bad is so difficult it’s often not worth bothering. A market flooded by cheap imitations, limited gameplay and stuffed with greedy in-app purchases. These costs are par for the course in free to play games but as time has gone by even games with upfront prices are sneaking them in too. It’s very frustrating and makes the whole market seem worth avoiding.

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That’s a real pity as there are some excellent games hidden amongst the piles of rubbish. Games that ask a fair upfront price and even if they do have additional in-app purchases they don’t affect gameplay nor are they built on greed.

Here are ten games that you can play right now that we consider not just worth the cost of their upfront price but probably could have gotten away with charging more.

10 – Mini Metro

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Mini Metro is a fun, challenging & highly addictive subway (or tube) simulator that tasks the players with building & upgrading an underground transit system!

Visually basic but with a huge amount of depth within the gameplay, you begin with 3 stations (indicated by symbols such as stars or cubes) & 3 coloured lines. Simply touch one station & drag your finger to the next to start building your underground line.

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9 – The Silent Age

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The Silent Age is a point & click adventure game set in the 1972 & distant future of 2012, it’s all about time travel & with the touch of a button you can swap between the time periods. This is a great modern point & click that gets so much right & adds some interesting ideas. The flipping between time periods is great with the future being a really interesting proposition. Great music, great visuals & a great interface/controls means any mobile gamer should look at picking this up.

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Oxenfree is a supernatural adventure game mixed with modern point & click elements by Night School Studio. An excellent game, a game that hooks you from the very start & doesn’t let go. Fascinating characters, pretty locations & a plot that plays out wonderfully across the length of the game. Oxenfree is a gripping story that keeps things shrouded in darkness up until the final quarter of the game. The characters confusion throughout is something you, as the player, share.

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7 – Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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Worth playing just for Hidden Palace Zone. In 2013 the mobile version of Sonic was Remastered by 2 fans (SEGA had been so impressed by their own re-mastering of Sonic CD that they got them to carry on) & they put Hidden Palace zone back in fully playable.

As well as that the game is brighter & much prettier to look at, Knuckles is a playable character, a new mode called Boss Rush is included as is online multi-player & there are also additional new multi-player stages. This is the definitive version of Sonic 2.

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6 – Bully: Anniversary Edition

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An open-world game played from the third-person perspective, Bully gives you the freedom of Bullworth Academy & the surrounding town but you also need to attend classes during school hours. All original content has been included with improved visuals & redesigned controls for touch gameplay. In a game as expansive as this, the complaints are small in comparison to how much it gets right. This is a lovingly crafted port of a game.

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5 – Limbo

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The argument about if games should be considered a form of art has been raging on for a while & will continue for a long time yet. I only mention it because if there is ever a game that is deserving of being considered a work of art, it is Limbo.

From the start visually, you know you’re in for a treat. In black & white throughout using incredible lighting, effects & eerie sounds to create a memorable atmosphere & haunting environment that will stick with you for a long time afterwards.

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4 – The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

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“My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a pirate”.

Spoken about with such respect for many reasons, you must play it if you haven’t. Point & clicks are a thing of the past & games being re-released like this just highlight how much they are missed. A great story, wonderful visuals and fantastic comedy. How have you not played it before!?

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3 – Love You to Bits

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Love You to Bits by Alike Studio is a cute, stylish and charming point and click/puzzle adventure. One that delivers emotional highs, excellent gameplay and varied levels. Simply put it is a stunning piece of work that is incredibly rewarding.

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2 – Thomas Was Alone

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Every so often something special stands out within the world of gaming. Thomas Was Alone is a game that mixes platforming & puzzle solving. Throughout the game you control simple polygon shapes each with a name & personality. These shapes are out of control AI who have become self-aware. Thomas, a small red rectangle is intent on finding out his purpose & along the way he will meet many other companions who can assist him traversing the world, a computer system.

A masterpiece of gaming & something that we as gamers should feel proud of. It puts most triple A titles to shame with its interesting characters & motivations.

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1 – Broken Sword/Broken Sword II

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We’re kind of cheating here but the first two Broken Sword games are absolute classics and the remastered versions that are available on the mobile market should be played by any fan of point and click games.

Smart stories that take place all over the world, fantastic characters voiced brilliantly and gorgeous visuals, you will get so much satisfaction from them.

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