Horror Movie Review: Ghost House (2017)

Ghost House is an American/Thai horror movie that released in 2017. Jim & Julie are a young couple vacationing in Thailand. They inadvertently interact with demonic shrines called ghost houses which are believed to give spirits shelter and comfort. Julie comes into contact with one particular shrine that houses a vengeful entity.

Julie & Jim are having a great time in Thailand, doing all the things that tourists do. They get friendly with two British travellers who show them a fun time. During a drunken outing, they persuade Julie to come along with them to the countryside. Julie is fascinated by the ghost houses, they promise to show her some she’ll never forget.

The travellers lead Julie & Jim to an entire graveyard full of the things. While there, they trick Julie into taking a souvenir from one of them. As soon as she does, everything changes. The two guys run off, leaving Julie & Jim stranded in the forest. They manage to find their way out but Julie begins seeing visions of a ghostly, burned woman. The demonic, scorned creature will consume her soul within 3 days unless they can somehow break the curse.

Ghost House doesn’t have a particularly positive reputation. However, I found it to be a rather solid horror film. It has flaws but I’m not too sure why it has received so much hate. Firstly, I will say that I found the whole thing to be quite predictable. The whole movie follows a repetitive formula that becomes more obvious as times goes on. Julie will go through some kind of terrifying vision involving the creepy, burned woman. Then, Jim will swoop in to snap her out of it before it’s too late. It goes through this pattern a few times too many.

Still, most of these scenarios are executed really well. The ghoulish woman is very creepy and her practical makeup looks good. I’ve read some people are not a fan of the makeup. Personally, I’d take this over a CGI ghost any day. There are some jump scares thrown at you from time to time but I’ve experienced worse. Some of the scares have great build up and the payoff is usually very effective. Ghost House reminded me of a classic Japanese horror film along the lines of The Ring. Actually, it’s quite similar to The Ring with the whole 3 days before you die rule. Also, the passing the curse onto someone else to save yourself.

In that way, it isn’t that original but the whole concept involving ghost houses is unique. Also, I will mention that there are some dodgy CGI visuals. However, these are minimal so can probably be excused.

Jim & Julie are one dimensional in that you learn very little about them. Still, I found them to be likeable enough to sympathize with. Scout Taylor-Compton (Julie) really gives it her all. Although, there is some overacting on display throughout.

My biggest complaint is directed at the conclusion. The curse is defeated far too easily and in a way that is rather lame. Also, the curse isn’t explained that well. Why does she wait 3 days before consuming your soul? Why doesn’t she just wait until the end of the 3 days to appear?

Overall, Ghost House is a solid horror movie but one that has a couple of flaws. There really isn’t much else to say about it. Its scares can be cheap at times but on the whole I was entertained.

Ghost House
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