Top 10 Mass Effect Moments

To try & describe just how amazing the Mass Effect series would take ages. It’s a series that I hold dear to my heart & even though its eventual end may have disappointed the journey did not. This top 10 was hard as there have been countless moments across the Mass Effect series that filled with joy & sadness, that made me laugh & cry & that left me with many memories. I’ve managed to pick 10 that had huge impact both then & now.

No.10 – The reaper talks (ME3)


Shepard goes to Rannoch to take down a geth base but during the escape a Reaper attacks & Shepard attempts to take it down with the help of the Quarian fleet. Once Shepard takes it down in an epic battle it speaks to him. The first word it says is… “Shepard”. They know his name, Harbinger spoke of him. The conversation is brief & the Reaper arrogant but I loved the interaction. It was a reminder that they wouldn’t stop until they had wiped out most of the galaxy & we couldn’t stop until we beat them.

No.9 – Arriving at the Collectors base (ME2)

Collecters Base

We had spent all game preparing for this. We had assembled a crew willing to go on a suicide mission…through the Mass Relay & into the Collector base. The sight that greets us when we first arrive is both impressive & terrifying. The base is huge, heavily defended & as the Normandy arrives it seems impossible to even get close enough to board it. Never before had a game made a task seem so insurmountable.

No.8 – Party! (ME3 – DLC)


The Citadel DLC is the last released content for Mass Effect 3 & it is a very impressive piece. The crew are ordered to take shore leave giving us a chance to get to know everyone that little bit better. The last tasks of the DLC involve throwing a party for the crew. It is a lot of fun & you can change it as you go. Interacting with everyone throughout it & the morning after is so much fun & there is so much to learn. Make sure you check on Tali as her stuff is easily the best.

No.7 – Romancing Miranda (ME2)


Unlike many of the romancing options I had or worked on Miranda stands out. I found her story so fascinating & I worked hard at trying to get her into my cabin. Having the option of Jack alongside her made the final decision tough but the resulting cut-scenes & story made it worth it. I just wish Shepard could have stayed with her.

No.6 – Sovereign speaks (ME1)


This is arguably one of the most disturbing & effective scenes in the Mass Effect series. Shepard’s first interaction with a reaper, the first time we really see what kind of a threat they could be. Knowing that Sovereign was more then just a ship made the future battle all that more exciting but left many questions. Even at this point we could never have seen what was too come.

No.5 – Abandon Earth (ME3)

Abondon Earth

The score plays a big part in this scene…the music plays softly as Shepard makes his escape on a ship. The reapers have arrived at Earth & they are destroying everything in sight. There is no way to fight them like this – time to go & re-group. As Shepard leaves he sees a child he tried to rescue get on another ship which is destroyed mid-air by a reaper. His face says it all….what could he have done?

No.4 – The Reapers are coming (ME2)


The final scene of Mass Effect 2 is one of the most effective scenes in all the games. We know they are coming & we know we have to prepare for it. The scene switches to deep space as we see the first Reapers moving out followed by more & more. The realisation that there are literally thousands of them filled me with dread & wonder that I would have to keep in check until the 3rd game was released.

No.3 – Goodbye Mordin/Curing the Genophage (ME3)


Oh man, are kidding me!? One of the best characters in the game that I had kept alive throughout the 2nd game takes responsibility for curing the disease that decimated a race. At no stage could I ever reconsider not curing the Genophage but I didn’t want to lose Mordin. It was the hardest decision I think I had to make in all the games but to see him be successful all the while humming his little song was heart-breaking & beautiful.

No.2 – You’re just a puppet, Saren (ME1)


Convincing Saren that he was nothing but a puppet & talking him into killing himself was an unbelievable moment. It was the first time I had ever seen such a huge decision actually play out the way I wanted it too. It was the moment when I realised that I actually had control over where my Shepard was going. I was hooked…

No.1 – The destruction of the Normandy (ME2)


Stepping back into Mass Effect’s world was something I couldn’t wait to do. To suddenly find the ship under attack by an unknown enemy from the start came as a shock. The beam the Collectors were using was destroying the Normandy so Shepard gave the order to abandon ship. Moving through it while all hell breaks loose was great until I hit a section of the ship that was wide open looking out into space. It was so beautiful even as the ship disintegrated around Shepard & his death was imminent.

Agree or disagree? So what ones would you have included that I didn’t?



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